Pregnant after a Loss

Pregnant with single after losing twin

I am struggling after finding out last Thursday that we lost one of our twins. I am 9w2d with a singleton now, but am having a hard time dealing with the loss. This is my second miscarriage, I had an ectopic at 5w in December and now losing our twin at 8w is just making my current pregnancy very difficult. Any advice for coping would be helpful, I just feel very alone right now and am having a hard time.


Re: Pregnant with single after losing twin

  • I'm so sorry. ((Hugs))


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  • penelope4612penelope4612 member
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    I'm so sorry.  I wish I had more to offer.  Can you ask your OB if there are any bereavement groups nearby that you could attend so you could get some support from others?  Or could you find a counsellor to speak with?
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  • Thank you both. I'm trying to focus on the pregnancy right now and be excited. It's day by day right now. I do have an appointment to meet with a counselor later this week so I'm hopeful that will help to talk through my feelings. 
  • No experience with twins, but maybe the multiples board would be a good place? I could be totally off. 
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