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Ultrasound is at 17 weeks!

so I will be getting my ultrasound at 17 weeks along and I remember that's when I had my first one with my son and was able to see his "junior" on the screen hehe. Do you think we will see baby's sex again most likely at 17 weeks? Anyone find out at this time too or earlier?

Normally I'd wait and do the typical 20 week u/s but we move that week and the next I'll be visiting my family that week, and honestly I didn't want to possibly delay it for when I got home. But if I have to have another u/s I suppose I'll be happy to see baby again
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Re: Ultrasound is at 17 weeks!

  • We already knew from blood work but at our 17 week u/s we could clearly see it was a girl. I have u/s every week due to being high risk and every one she reminds us she's still a girl lol. 
  • We clearly saw our little boy's parts on the U/S at just shy of 12 weeks! With our DD we saw her parts at 15 weeks! Hopefully 17 weeks is your lucky number! So exciting!
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