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Question about Ovulation & Post MC

Hello folks,

I had my 1st MC by end of Feb and my period almost exactly 4 weeks after. Now I am almost on the 24th day since my last period and don't feel like I have my ovulation yet....

I used Clear Blue (advanced ) and First Response to track my LH but they have conflicting results (CB said I was at my peak yesterday but FR said 'No'). Will that be a chance that I won't ovulate even my next cycle comes? Did anyone here experience irregular ovulation, even the cycle of period seems fine? Please advice. Thanks!!

Re: Question about Ovulation & Post MC

  • @olivia1540 I'm so sorry for your loss! I don't use OPK's personally but I can offer you two bits of advice. First, OPK's do not confirm ovulation, just an LH surge, which can happen multiple times per cycle and doesn't mean you will ovulate or not, just that you are gearing up to ovulate. Therefore, they are best used in conjunction with tracking CM/CP (which you may already be doing). Are you temping? This is the only way to confirm ovulation (besides ultrasound), which should help clarify some things for you. Second, it's not uncommon to have an anovulatory cycle or two post-MC. I think based on what I've seen here, irregular cycles and patterns are more common than not. I'm not sure what to make about your conflicting OPK's though. That's why temping is helpful to see what's going on. Hope this helps!
  • After my first loss, I had very irregular cycles for months. They were very long without clear temp shifts. It continued for 8 months until I got pregnant again. I think just about anything is possible with your body after a loss. Hopefully you'll regulate faster than I did though.
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  • I have had a positive OPK around day 13 in the three cycles since my loss. Hoping that means I've ovulated. My cycles have changed since my MC in Dec. they're a little shorter and I start spotting a few days before my period which never happened to me before. It's so frustrating to not know what is going on, but I'm so bad at remembering to temp. I know many people's go back to normal super quickly.
  • @Wishilivedinflorida @BaylieGirl @Gibbs7911 Thanks so much for your insights and sharing. I don't temp myself but I've been experiencing some light night sweat these few days and mild cramping (feeling like the uterus is stretching) Did you experience something like that? And how long did your OB suggest you to wait till trying again?    
  • First, very sorry for your loss. My cycles have been odd since my loss. I have ovulated as early as 12 days and as late as 17. I would trust the clearblue advanced. 
  • My ovulation has been inconsistent since my miscarriage in the beginning of November. I've ovulated between day 12 and 18 since then with varying luteal phase lengths. I would also trust the clearblue OPK, but just because you are experiencing an LH surge doesn't necessarily mean you are going to ovulate. Your body might still be trying to figure things out after the miscarriage.
  • Hi there - I'm also on my next cycle following a chemical pregnancy and I'm late to ovulate as well. I also got a High on my CBE fertility monitor yesterday and just for double checking I took a CBE Advanced Digital OPK and it gave me a Peak reading  - a solid, smiley face on my OPK. Confusing to say the least. Are you tracking your CM? If you can remember what your CM was like yesterday and see what it's like today that could provide an extra clue for you. My CM completely dried up yesterday afternoon, (and I also had a smallish temp shift this morning), which makes me lean toward my OPK being right by giving me a peak solid smiley face yesterday, and that I likely ovulated today. Hope this didn't confuse you and that it helps in some way. Hang in there! :)
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  • i usually ovulate on day 13-14; but the first cycle after my loss I ovulated on the 16th. According to my bbt, it looks like my body tried to ovulate on day 13 but didn't until day 16. I agree with others...checking your cm and charting your BBT can give you more definite answers. I think miscarriages just throw your body out of whack...so I wouldn't be too worried about ovulating late. I'm hoping that this cycle I will be a little more on track. 
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  • I noticed that my cycle after a miscarriage was typically 28 or 30 days, about the same as my "normal" cycle. But what was interesting is that I ovulated right at day 12. Then things start to wane a bit. And I'm back to ovulating on day 17 or 19.
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