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15 week old feeding poorly

I wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing this. My son who is 15 weeks 3 days and exclusively formula fed has started feeding very little for the past 3-4 days. I noticed he was only drinking 2-3 oz at a time sometimes and then others he'd have a regular 4-6oz feed. He seems to eat more at night but during the day his appetite is lousy. He's still not sleeping through the night and of course when he wakes at night he seems to take more milk at that time. The pediatrician suggested trying to get him to eat more during the day but you can NOT make a baby eat when they're not interested - I've tried getting him to eat more and he just turns his head away, squrims then will cry if I am persistent. I haven't changed his formula or anything recently and he's on stage 2 doctor brown's nipples. I would go up a size but I feel like that flow would be TOO fast. He's been on the stage 2 for about 1.5 months so I don't see how he could be ready for the next flow? Otherwise he's pretty happy and smiley, he's drooling a lot and gnawing at his hands but I don't see any teeth coming through. Mental leap? I don't know, anyone else with a baby his age going through the same?
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Re: 15 week old feeding poorly

  • we are having some issues too. A little different than yours. I am nursing (well trying to). LO now will scream bloody murder when she try's to nurse. She is taking a bottle of breastmilk almost every 2 hours today. Nights are tough. She was sleeping through the night, but now she is waking up 1-2 times. Perhaps it's just a growth spurt.
  • Same here! LO is 14 weeks and a week ago I moved him to stage 2 nipples bc he wasn't getting anything from the slow flow. He does well with the flow now but during the day, slacks off and eats smaller, more frequent bottles where as at night he'll eat 5-6 oz. So I don't have any advice but know we're in the same boat as you!
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  • Loss of appetite is a mental leap sign for week 19's leap and symptoms can start as early as week 14. I'd say give LO a few days. As long as you're getting consistent wet/dirty diapers, baby will probably grow out of this soon.
  • My LO was eating too much during the day, so I switched nipples to a natural flow (doesn't matter if it's BF or FF)
    I have my daycare provider do the Pace Bottle Feeding. She now has better feedings, less mess, on top, I am keeping up with her with my pumping. 

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