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One leg more swollen than the other...39 weeks

I will be 39 weeks on Wednesday & my right leg, foot, & ankle is substantially more swollen than my left which is also somewhat swollen. It doesn't hurt and is not red or anything. Does this seem normal? I see my doctor for my weekly appt on Thursday. Is there any reason to call them about it before then?

Re: One leg more swollen than the other...39 weeks

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    I've been told this is completely normal and is due to the baby favoring one side and restricting blood flow more on that side than the other side. I wouldn't worry, just bring it up at your next appointment.

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    Your concern would be a blood clot, which is nothing to mess with. But you'd have redness and pain in addition to the swelling. If you're concerned call your doctor. 
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    What @Ceridwen77 said. This actually happened to me during my 2nd pregnancy. It ended up being because of the way baby was laying.
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    I'm also 39 weeks tomorrow and my right foot is slightly more puffy than my left. This also happened during my last pregnancy. I would mention at your next appt but i imagine they will tell you unless there's pain and redness it's totally normal. :) 
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