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Does anyone use kawaii prefolds, covers,or pockets? Any feedback would be great, I keep hearing mixed reviews.

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  • I've used Kawaii pockets and liked them well enough.  I found other brands to fit my small/slim son a bit better, but for quality and leakage, I was happy with them and we did like the Good Night Heavy Wetters line for overnight.  I haven't used their prefolds or covers at all.
  • We use Kawaiis that we got as freebies from Kelly's Closet. They're all pockets, and we use them for overnight because we can stuff so much in them. They have a boxier, bulkier fit than most of our other brands, but they work well for nights. 
  • I like the Kawaii pockets I have.  They have held up to 3 years of use so far.  I prefer stuffing them with flats as I can fold the flats to fit the pocket and the flats wash so much better than mf.  I haven't used any of their other products

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  • We won a pocket during the GCDC and have used it once now it held up pretty well for our heavy wetters during the day, have not tried it overnight yet. I love that the Kawaii's exterior are thicker and more plush inside than say our thirsties or imagines 
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    Had 30+ of the square tab style with #1 and they held up well. Years of use and never an issue. Bigger than BGs.
  • I love the kawaii that I was given. (5 I think) I looked on their site & I don't see solid color minky's with snaps. Some of mine have fleece inside. Others have something else inside that feels rough if hung to dry. Bamboo?
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