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Grandmother To Be as Host?

My daughter is expecting and due in one in the family has offered to host a shower for her, but a couple of people have asked if I am having one for her.  Is it appropriate for me to host a shower for my own daughter?  Usually the aunts or sister in-laws in the family do the hosting, and I have done this for other family members, but as I said, for whatever reason no one has offered.  This is her first baby, and I think she is as deserving of a shower as anyone else.  Thoughts would be appreciated!

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  • Thanks for the reply FemShep!
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  • Traditionally, no family member would host a shower; a close friend would. You may want to wait a bit and see if a friend of your daughter's offers to host a shower before you decide whether you want to step in and take the reins?
  • I've been to numerous showers in my area, and honestly most were thrown by mom or MIL..not uncommon at all around here. 
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  • Thanks for the reply :)
  • I wouldn't have a problem with it.

    Out of curiosity...why did you thank the two responses who agreed with you and not the one who didn't?

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  • I think it's best for sisters or friends to host the shower, but if that doesn't happen then I think it's okay for the grandmother-to-be to do it.  If I got invited to a shower like that I would probably be surprised by it but I would still go.
  • lol, no offense taken, but next time, i expect a handwritten thank you card within 24 hous of my response ;)
  • it!  ;)
  • ElaineMOH said:
    I have decided to hold off a bit longer and see if there is any talk of a shower, then decide if I will host.  Thanks to everyone for their help! For the record I DID post a thank you to duferoo, but it did not appear under her post, and I don't know why.  DrillSergeantCat, I didn't post an opinion to be agreed or disagreed with, just asked if people thought it was appropriate.  Just out of curiosity, why would you feel the need to create drama where there was none?
    I know you didn't post an opinion to be agreed with, but when you thanked the other two for their opinion and not @dufferoo I took it as you had already decided that you were going to throw a shower regardless of what was said. 

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  • She said thank you. No one was tagged. I took it as thank you to everyone who replied.
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