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My 3 month old used to sleep in his bassinet next to my bed without issue but then he got sick with the stomach bug about a week ago. During that time, he would only sleep if I held him (so I did for three nights so we could both get some sleep). After those three nights, we tried to put him back in his bassinet but he cried, so we let him sleep in bed with us. He's been off and on sleeping in his bassinet and in bed with us for the past few nights. He did sleep all night in his bassinet twice but then the other nights he cried until we put him in our bed. I was okay with this method until last night. I realized that I just don't sleep well when he's in bed with us and I don't think he does either. How can I get him to sleep in his bassinet all night? I'm hesitant to cry it out because he's still so little but something's got to give. I think I'm extra frustrated because he was a great sleeper and slept fine in his bassinet until he got sick and now I feel like we've regressed. Suggestions?

Re: Sleep help

  • Can you reach him if he's in the bassinet? I find it's really good to be able to reach out and put a hand on LO's belly for reassurance. My daughter has a nasty virus right now (vomiting, sneezing, coughing,) and while she normally sleeps in a crib, it is not agreeable to my sleep to get up every 15 minutes when she coughs her paci out. We have a Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker that I've stationed next to the bed, and she can be reached without a lot of effort. It also elevates her just slightly meaning her sinuses drain the right way. Good luck! I don't sleep well with LO in our bed either!
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