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Milestone Monday

is baby doing anything new or exciting, share here.
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Re: Milestone Monday

  • DS is 17 weeks and rolling both directions, telling lots of stories and purposely grabbing at things and toys. Gonna have to start baby proofing bc this kiddos gonna be rolling across the whole floor soon!
  • klbhklbh member
    My son started rolling front to back last week! He's 10 weeks old. He tolerates tummy time so much better now that he's getting stronger and doesn't just have his face smashed into his mat anymore, haha. He's also starting to bat at toys on his activity mat much more. It's so neat to see him become more active and aware by the day.
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  • LO is just over 14 weeks. She can roll from her tummy to her back, but she's not too happy about doing it since she HATES tummy time. She can almost roll from back to tummy. She gets all the way over, but then her shoulder gets in the way. But she's SO close. She loves toys and will grab onto them if they are dangled over her. She talks like CRAZY, and is laughing now too. She's starting to scoot herself around when on her back and loves standing up.I get so ridiculously excited at every little thing that she does!
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