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Hello again! And different pupil size...

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Re: Hello again! And different pupil size...

  • I think that dr Google is not your friend ! 

    Your son is beautiful and unless he has other neurological problems I wouldn't jump to brain tumor. 
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  • Hey! I can relate to your concern. My son is 10 months old and he too has one pupil slightly larger than the other but only in certain (dimmer)light. I asked my pediatrician who said he believed it to be normal for him and just a variation in their sizes, I then asked another pediatrician in the same office who agreed but said I should see an opthamologist if I was still concerned (which of course I was) so I did and after examining him he agreed that it's probably just that one pupil is indeed larger than the other and nothing to be alarmed about and that a good 15% of the population has unequal pupils. I think google IS the worst because they always give you worst case scenarios and can cause some serious panic attacks. I made one more appointment this summer with a pediatric neurologist (3 month wait period!) just for my own piece of mine but I anticipate the same opinion and both my mom and husband think I'm nuts. In the absence of any other symptoms and with the opthamologist telling you he's fine I'd probably say not to worry but then I'd be a hypocrite. My thought is, If another professional opinion will help you sleep at night then whats the harm?
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  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • My daughter has the same issue, she even looks like she has a lazy eye a bit. But I was told if you shine the light and its reflects in the same spot on both eyes it's ok. Like in the 2nd pic you posted the light is symmetrical. 
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