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Religious (Islamic) names.

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So, I'm a white American, who also happens to be Muslim. It is very important for DH and I to name our child after an important religious figure in Islam, but it is also important for our child to grow up comfortably in the states without being bullied or profiled because of it. We've had the discussion about favorite names, but many of them are names of people we don't want our child associated with. For example, Hussayn was a favorite of ours, but Saddam Hussein and Barak Hussein Obama also have the names, and unfortunately, names thrown around in politics quickly become my last choice. We also like Ali, it's versitile for the states, but I see so many Allison's with the NN Ali (pronounced Alley) and I know there will be some future confusion. I know many of you are probably not familiar with Islamic names, but what do you think of these choices, as outsiders looking in? Do you think my child will be in for it, do any set up any red flags for you? Lol. I'm seriously at this point considering just naming my child John to make it easier. 

DISCLAIMER: I understand many of you might have your own opinions on my religion, but please try to keep that out of the discussion. We are really struggling with name selection, and would like that to be the main focus if possible. 
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Religious (Islamic) names. 189 votes

23% 45 votes
Ridha (pronounced Rud-Uh)
9% 18 votes
15% 30 votes
1% 3 votes
1% 2 votes
Hadi (pronounced Haa Dee)
48% 91 votes

Re: Religious (Islamic) names.

  • @Bringmemylongswordho
    True. There has been a lot more tolerance since my parents or I was a child, so it makes sense that the amount of understanding will continue to grow. 

    Thank you for your input, Ridha is my second choice! 
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  • Ali will be the easiest and people won't even bat an eye, but I do like Hadi the most. Don't give in for a name like John ;) I personally love names with personality, meaning, connection, etc. I love a name with a story. Go with a name you love.
  • I know a Hasan and never even made the Hussein association TBH.

    I agree that Ali will have the least pronunciation/spelling issues.

    But personally I like the sound of Hadi most.
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  • Agree that Ali will be "easiest", but I'm also another fan of both Ridha and Hadi. Ridha got my vote
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  • I think Ali on a boy is likely to be recognizable and easy because of the famous boxer Muhammad Ali. Yes, teachers may assume "girl" first when just looking at a piece of paper, but I would go with what you love.
  • I voted for Ali but also really, really like Kadtham. Great sound to that name. Good luck!
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  • I like Hadi.

  • I'm so happy I found this thread. You ladies have no idea how much your input helps! 
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  • I voted Ali, but I also like Hadi.

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  • I really like Hadi, and as a teacher my first instinct would be to pronounce it as you said. 
  • I love Hadi! 
  • I like Hasan and would suggest Laith if you're open to new ideas. 
  • Really like Hadi! Hasan is nice too. Both are easy to pronounce which is a big win in my book!
  • F47F47 member
    Hadi, Ali, Hasan are my faves. Please don't go for John! :)
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  • @JadaBlue yes! I love Laith! I haven't even thought about that. I'll add it to my list. Thanks! :smile: 
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  • I have a close Muslim friend, Imron, and his brother is named Rizwan.  I've always thought that was cool.  Sounds kind of like a wizard.  No idea if that fulfills your criteria but for whatever it's worth!  
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  • I like Hasan the most. Its a lovely sounding name. 

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  • I like Hasan. Ali is cool too but I don't know about the whole "Alley" thing. Ridha sounds like it could get made fun of since it sounds like "Rita."
  • Ali, Hasan and Hadi are all easy to pronounce. I voted Hadi
  • Hadi is my favorite by far. It makes me sad that this is even a question/issue for you, though. I hope that your child gets to see a world where no one bats an eye at whatever name you end up choosing, or at least not for the reasons that you are concerned about. 
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  • If Laith becomes an option, that's what I would vote for. I also like the suggestion of Tariq. Out of your poll, I like Hadi. 
  • Hadi - what a nice name!
  • I grew up with a kid named Hasan and he was awesome, so I voted for that. FWIW I didn't know it was a religious name, that was just his name!
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  • I keep thinking "hottie" when I say Hadi out loud. I voted for Ali,but I also like Laith.
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  • I also second the Tariq suggestion!

    On your list my favorites were Hadi, Kadtham, and Hasan. 

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  • I thought Ridha was pronounced like "Rita" before I saw your note on its pronunciation. Hadi, Ali and Hasan are the easiest to pronounce, in my mind.  I think I like Hadi the best

  • jenboston22jenboston22 member
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    I voted Ali but I also really like Hadi.

    ETA: I just noticed this thread is almost a month old. Oops! You may have finalized your choice by now. GL!
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  • @dreamcatch-her which name did you end up selecting ? 
    Dropping a hello your way from a fellow white American muslim!

    Ps. my brother in laws name is Ali but my mom still says it like the way you'd say Allie for alison. lol.
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  • I know a Hassan (he has 2 S's) and like the name a lot. 
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  • I love Hasan and Laith. I once had a student with the name Taj, which I always really liked, and it is very simple to pronounce. I've also always liked the name Samir.

    I'm so sorry that you have to worry about your child being mocked for your faith or for his name. That isn't right, and I hope it will change soon. 
  • Zombie thread revived...
  • Oops... didn't see the original date.
  • fwiw - you can see her birth announcement here...
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