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Tandem stroller recommendations

Right now we are registered for the contours options elite tandem stroller, but I wanted to see if anyone a) had a different one they really liked or b) had any positive/negative things to say about the contours stroller.  There aren't many tandem strollers on the market and I want something that will last and is worth the price.  Graco just came out with the Modes Duo which also looks nice.

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  • That is the stroller we have and I love it!!!! Our twins are 4 1/2 months and it's really simple for me to go out alone with them. It's super easy to open and collapse, plus the storage underneath is great. Another great thing is how easy it is to steer around corners. It is worth every penny to us.
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    We have the Baby Jogger City Select and love it! It has been wonderful to use with bassinets, car seats, and now big kid seats. Super lightweight and easy to fold up. I'd recommend it. :)


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  • We have the Contours Options, and it is a headache!  It's hard to maneuver, and the brakes are constantly engaging by themselves at the least convenient times (like half-way through a doorway).  Also, if you really like the stroller, there's an "elite" option that I wish we'd gone with.  It has a zipper on the side of the under seat storage.  I laughed when I saw that and said that it couldn't possibly be worth the extra $$$, but it would have been worth every penny.  It's so hard to get stuff into and out of the basket underneath!  We had a double frame stroller when the babies were little (the Joovy Twin Roo), and that was awesome.  I realize that with bigger kids, I wouldn't find anything else that can maneuver as easily as the frame stroller, but something has to be better than this thing.  I miss that little stroller!
  • Thanks for the feedback ladies.   @dmurrie we are registered for the elite version.  I'm not sure any double stroller that weighs almost 40lbs (plus the added weight of car seats and children) would be super easy to maneuver.  That's the one thing I am not looking forward too, but hey, at least pushing it will be a good workout!  
  • I have a completely different one - the Baby Trend double jogger. It's got car seats that fit in and coverts for bigger kids. It's about 50lbs, but folds and unfolds crazy easily and is a breeze to maneuver. We chose it because we had to buy it ourselves and it was on the lower price end since it's not a big name brand. All the safeties check out, though, and we love it!
  • If you can, I'd suggest going to a store that has a few you're looking at getting and take their floor models around the store to see how they maneuver, the ease of collapsing and unfolding, and try putting in car seats.
    We went and did that twice before we decided on the Contours.
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