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First Miscarriage have questions.

Hello, I am literally sitting at home waiting to miscarry. A little background... Last Tuesday 4/5 I had my first ultrasound at 8 weeks. I had an empty sac that was measuring more like 5-6 weeks but nothing inside. My HGC numbers were 29,000. Two days later my HGC levels were 34,000. So they didn't increase enough. I went for my second ultrasound this past Thursday 4/14 and you could see two small circles in my sac this time but no fetal pole. My HGC levels the same day were 15,000. My DR told
me from what he saw on the ultrasound it wouldn't be much I would have to pass and that I would probably experience something this weekend. I had a little red blood yesterday but no cramping at all and just brown blood when I wipe. Not enough to be transferred onto a pad. I'm just wondering if I will gradually notice something happening or if I will be taken by surprise and sit tight at home. I have a toddler and I hate just sitting inside waiting but I'm terrified the second I leave the house something horrible could unfold. Any help/experience would be greatly appreciated!!! Sorry for the long post!!! 

Re: First Miscarriage have questions.

  • I'm so sorry for your loss. Unfortunately I don't have experience with this because I have had D&C's with my losses but it's my understanding that it's hard to predict when you will miscarry naturally. I'm sorry you find yourself here. *hugs*
  • I'm sorry that you're experiencing this. I have never had a natural miscarriage, so don't know what to expect either. With my first one I got 5 separate shots of methotrexate as it was an ectopic, so I did miscarry at home after that. I unfortunately don't have a record of that, but it was about 7-10 days between the first shot and the miscarriage. I think with a natural one if you don't experience anything within a few weeks you are supposed to go back to your doc, or at least call them and find out what you should do.
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  • I am so sorry that you are having to go through this. I have had 2 natural miscarriages.

    My first was a blighted ovum(no baby inside just an empty sac) at 6 1/2 weeks last November. I just had a few cramps (stronger than normal) and I started bleeding like a period but a little heavier. I passed the sac and placenta within a few hours and then the bleeding continued for about a week. Just like slightly heavier period bleeding and then tapering off. 

    My recent one I was 12 weeks but at my appointment it measured 9 1/2 with no heart beat. I had some spotting for two days along with strong cramps. On the second day I was in a lot of pain for several hours curled up in bed. When I sat up I felt my water break and come out and then everything else rushed out. Everything. All at once. After that I had heavy heavy bleeding for a day and then tapered off after 10 days. 

    So although I've had two natural miscarriages they were both completely different. I do believe that yours will be like my first one (although I am no doctor). But since they couldn't find a fetal pole and you were measuring so small I would guess it will be just more like a heavy period instead of just coming all at once. 

    I am am so sorry you are going through this! Let us know if you have any other questions or just need to talk. *hugs*
  • Thank you both for your experiences. Still nothing more than spotting here. I think the waiting is just driving me nuts. 
  • My first was a blighted ovum, too. Sac measuring 5.5 weeks with no development inside, but I carried it for 9 weeks. The spotting started on a Sunday and the heavy bleeding started Monday and it lasted about 3 days. I hate to say this because I don't want to scare you, but it was a physically painful experience - like cramps, but much worse. I don't think you need to be tied to your house, but you should have someone lined up to help with your LO when it happens. I'm sorry you're going through this. 
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  • My first MC, I went from brown spotting to passing the gestational sac intact within 12 hours. After that, it was like a heavy period. My second MC was much different (it was a blighted ovum, with the sac measuring 7 wks). I spotted off and on for over a week before red bleeding started. It took my body a while to get things moving. I kept going to work and going about my business until I saw red bleeding, when I worked from home that day (a Friday). After about 16 hours of that, I started getting really bad cramps, and then the heavy bleeding started a few hours after the cramping. I never passed an intact sac this last time, just lots of clots about the size of a quarter. I will say, make sure you have ibuprofen on hand and ask your doctor how much you can take. The cramps for me were much more painful than a period - ibuprofen and an electric heating pad were my best friends. For me, cramping was the biggest indicator that things were about to start.

    Otherwise, I wanted to send hugs and say I'm so sorry for your loss. The waiting can be torturous - it took 3 weeks from our diagnosis for me to MC, and it sucked. Hugs. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself.

  • First of all, I'm very sorry for your loss. Sadly you can't know precisely when you will miscarry, with my first miscarriage I started spotting lightly and ended up miscarrying about a week after that. My second was a late miscarriage at 17 weeks. My water broke at 16.3 weeks and I stayed in bed rest for 4 days before contractions started, after about 10 hours I delivered my baby boy. Be kind to yourself, I know the waiting can be draining. Hugs 
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  • I'm so sorry - sending hugs.  I learned I had a blighted ovum at nearly 10 weeks.  The sac never grew past 6 weeks.  I chose to get the process going with cytotec because there was no way of knowing how long it would take my body to recognize it on its own.  Everything started within 4 hours of the medication and the worst of it was over within  If things don't progress quick enough for you, that's something to ask your doctor about.  I felt better having a little bit of control over the when/where of the process.  Like you, I also have a child, and at his age (4), I needed to be able to hide it.
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  • I'm so sorry. I also have a toddler and was terrified of the same thing. I would ask your doctor. 

    With my natural mc I had very sharp cramps starting 12 hours before. I was uncomfortable all night and then it happened in the morning. My daughter was 12 months old at the time and I would not have been able to care for her. Thankfully my husband was home and was able to help. 

    With my second loss I opted for a d&c for this reason. I don't say this to scare you. I hope and pray that your experience isn't as painful or intense. 
  • Than you all for telling your stories. I know it's not something you want to keep retelling. I am currently still waiting and going to call
    my doctor tomorrow. I work as a hair and makeup artist for weddings and and it's not a job I can call out of. The waiting is so awful. 
  • Hi, I'm also from the November 2016 birth month club and I"m sorry we both have to be here.  I'm in the process of experiencing my 2nd miscarriage...the first one I began passing naturally with bleeding & spotting..although that first day I had lots of cramping and clotting when I first started bleeding (enough that I wanted to just lay down and take it easy - it was on Easter, which made it that much worse being with family)...my baby at that time had progressed to just short of 8 weeks and I didn't miscarry until 10/11 weeks.  

    Two days after the first round of bleeding, I took cytotec and other than a little more cramping and clotting, I kept waiting for it to be really terrible (based on other experiences I had read about).  But honestly other than bleeding & some cramping and then eventually passing a large clot (which I assumed was the sac), it wasn't too bad.  

    Did you ask your dr. to give you the medicine that helps move things along?  You'd insert it vaginally (most likely because you're already bleeding)...I would think because even if the baby didn't develop you should still have a pretty thick lining to shed so you'd probably have a bit more bleeding than it sounds like you're experiencing.  And definitely if you are in a line of work that would be horrible if it got worse while you're working, I'd call you dr to see about getting help to move things along (but that could take 24 hours to really work and you'd want someone with you to help take care of you and your little one).  
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  • Is it "normal" to cramp and bleed and then have a day of nothing and then begin to cramp and bleed again?? I thought it was over!
  • Yes for me it was like that during one of my mc. I have had different experiences with all but the 1st two were more similar to your case. I spotted, cramped, then nothing, then spotted, cramped then nothing, then bam bleeding like crazy because I had clotting issues. Mine were early on. My most recent which was this week, I lost the baby the same day of my us. I was goimg to go natural but with my clotting we did an emergency d&c. 

    I would definitely start thinking of something to help you along. I know its hard, painful, and emotional just waiting. I would speak witj the dr about your concerns. I wish you the best of luck, and am sending hugs your way.
  • Saw the Dr today and he prescribed me the medication to speed up the process. But honestly I haven't physically been in any pain and I know with the medication It's probably going to be very uncomfortable. :( 
  • @Jmccabe12210 just checking in on you.  How are you doing?  My experiences with misoprostol (vaginally) were crampy but not unbearable.  I
    hope you are doing OK and it has helped move things along so you can truly begin the healing process. 

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  • I just picked up the medication but I'm pretty sure I take this orally. I'm dreading it. Thanks for the advice. 
  • Keep us updated on how you are doing. Thoughts your way.
  • My thoughts are with you. I recently went through a miscarriage and had to wait around for a few weeks to naturally miscarry. It's a special kind of torture :(
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  • I didn't take the medication. I completely melted down before I was about to and I had no one home with me and can't take time out of work so it's just happening naturally which has been just days and days of passing clots. Very minimal pain though. If there is an upside it's that it hasn't been physically painful at all so far. I'll write my entire experience down for the next person in need when I know it's completely over. This has been a entire month of a dark looming cloud. 
  • **Hugs**
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