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1st Trimester

Physical pain

Well here's a Little TMI but my right butt cheek has been killing me..has this happened to any of you or know the reason why?

Re: Physical pain

  • I've had that. It felt bruised. I assume it was from the hips/pelican bone spreading. I got a massage, and she got into the gluten and I wanted to die! This all started around 12 weeks or so for me and still flares up now at 16 weeks.
  • Did u ever get the real reason?
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  • Sciatica maybe? I get that sometimes. Try sleeping with a pillow between your legs and stretching a bit. Everything is softening and widening. 
  • I had sciatic issues as well.  Lower back, right through butt down the leg. Pillow between legs and Moms old saying of get up and move around, you'll feel better...actually worked.  I just needed to keep good circulation through that area.  If it is from hips widening, it will go away soon.
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