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Baby's tummy is hurting

I EBF and the last few days my 7 week olds tummy has been hurting a lot. She pulls her legs up and cries in pain (breaks my heart) it started with just once a day but the last two days in happened several times throughout the day. She's been popping 1 a day the last two days with a few nickle size poop streaks in a few diapers as well. She used to have about 3-4 substanial dirty diapers a day. Anyone else been through this? She had her 2 month well check on the 29th but if it continues to be this bad I'll take her in. My sister who's baby is formula fed said this is normal and will pass. FTM here and just feeling bad for my baby. 

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    We get this. We give her infacol with each feed (I guess that's what people call gas drops on here, it helps break bubbles down in their gut). She poops every couple of days and get the little steaks too. we've been told it's colic. Try bicycle legs and tummy massage, that's helped us. Also carrying her in the 'tiger in the tree' position - on one arm facing down so that your arm puts pressure on their gut. Hope you're LO gets some relief! 
  • It's pretty normal that she's cut down on pooping.  My pedi told me that at 2 months it's more normal for baby to have 0-1 poops per day.  It does sound like colic.  6 weeks is typically peak of crying and it's very normal for them to be acting that way.  My LO is almost 10 weeks and still has her bouts.  It'll get better, and she is most likely fine! 
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    Thanks ladies. We tried gas drops once, will try again, and that hold- my mom always does that when we visit and her tummys hurting and she loves! Glad to hear that this is normal. 
  • My LO doesn't always poop after every feeding some days not at all. I was told babies who are EBF poop can be a bit erratic. He does get a lot of gas so once we burp him after eating we give him gripe water rub his belly and then do some bicycle legs to help.
  • My LO does this as well. We got these things called Windi on amazon and they have helped a ton. I highly recommend them for gassy babies. My LO goes from screaming and fussy to happy in seconds.
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