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Baby gagging in sleep?

Long time lurker first time poster. I'm a FTM and my DD was born 01/31 at 36.5 weeks. I've loved reading everyone's stories just needed to find the time to post myself! 

She was diagnosed with reflux at her 4 week check up and has been on omeprezole since which cut down on her spit ups a ton. She's gaining weight and developing on time so it doesn't seem to be causing problems.

However I've noticed the past few days her gagging in her sleep, never when she is awake. She has been upright in a car seat, laying on my chest, and laying flat on her back in her crib. Rarely anything comes out and it doesn't seem to bother her just sounds bad. 

I'm going to call ped on Monday but really curious if anyone else has experienced this. Any tips/advice/shared experiences? I'd love to transition her out of our room into hers and I was feeling ready but now I'm terrified all over again! 

Thanks in advanced!

Re: Baby gagging in sleep?

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    It sounds like silent reflux. My DD has had this since she was maybe a week old and it's terrible to listen to. She sounds like she's gagging, gulps/swallows a bunch, gets a wet sounding nose (refluxes into her nose). For the most part, she'll go back to sleep, but it's really hard/concerning to listen to. If it's not bothering them, there's not much they do about it. We notice it mostly at night, so I wonder if some of it is exacerbated by not burping as well? I hold her upright 15-20min after night time feeds, and that seems to help some. 

    We were planning to transition our LO to her crib soon, but have decided to keep her in our room in the RnP until she outgrows this. 



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