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When to start pumping?

So much information is given after labor I can't remember when I should pump? Do I wait a couple weeks? Do I have to pump if I'm not working?

Re: When to start pumping?

  • I think you start after you've got a good supply. Some people like to pump so they can let others help feed the baby. I didn't start pumping until I had a job offer (about 3 months). I never saw the point because if some one is feeding the kid a bottle you still have to pump. I will say trying to give him a bottle that late was a pain in the butt so this next time I will try earlier. Hope that is semi-helpful. 
  • I started pumping around 2 or 3 weeks. My LO took an hour or longer to nurse until she was about 3 months old, but would take a bottle in 30 minutes. So my hubby would give her a bottle when she woke up at night. Even though I had to pump I was able to go back to sleep in 20 minutes as opposed to an hour or more. Plus, in the early days bottles were easier when we were out and about and I would pump later!
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    I started pumping around 3 weeks, mainly to start building a freezer stash. I pumped after feedings, once a day a few times a week. i would still pump even if I didn't work bc I'm assuming you'll be leaving baby at some point to do things, so it will be nice to have breast milk available for your caregiver. 
  • I started pumping immediately because baby did not latch for the first month. However I'd start fairly soon regardless of whether or not you're working because it can help up your supply and if you end up needing to supplement or want to leave baby for the day you'll have plenty and not worry too much about how much you pump when you're away. 
    I didn't build a stash at all and I unexpectedly got a part time job so now I'm constant trying to find the time to pump enough during the week to avoid buying a ton of formula. 
  • I started pumping immediately... my milk came in strong & fierce on day 2 in the hospital (what!?) and I needed some relief!!! Also, I knew I was going back to work at 6 wks and needed to know I had a sizable stash in the freezer and also that DH would be comfortable feeding baby through nighttime wakings every now and then if I was really exhausted from being at work all day.

    Just depends on your situation. :)
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  • I started pumping after 5 days and gave a bottle within about 1.5 weeks. Very glad I did both. If I had waited the "recommended" timeframe I don't think my picky baby would have taken it.
  • You don't have to pump unless you want to. I never did. And if you don't start off pumping, you can always add it in later.
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