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Could I be pregnant?

I feel silly asking this but I'm wondering if I could be pregnant.  I've been breastfeeding and pumping for 9.5 months and I'm on the mini pill.  My period returned this past month but this past week or so I've had boughts of nausea and I've had some weird cramping especially when nursing.  The cramping when nursing reminds me of when I nursed in the very beginning and wound cramp when my uterus was shrinking down.  Am I crazy to think I could be pregnant again?!

Re: Could I be pregnant?

  • You most certainly could be pregnant!  The mini pill is the most effective the first 6 months and/or when you are nursing a lot.  Time will tell.....let us know when you take a test!
  • The only way to be certain would be to take a test and go from there :) 

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  • I know no one can diagnose me here, just thought the cramping when breastfeeding an older baby was weird and wanted to see if this happened to anyone else.
  • Have you taken a test yet?  I'm excited to know!
  • I still haven't taken one, I feel silly taking one.  Some days I have symptoms and other days not.  And af hasn't been regular yet so it's hard to know when to take it.  According to the last time I was due for it yesterday so we will see...
  • Yeah I totally just started today, that was the most drawn out pms ever!  I can't wait until I'm back to my normal cycle if that will ever exist again!
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