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How long do you plan on keeping your LO in your room with you, if they are in your room with you right now. LO is 7 weeks and I really think we would all sleep better with him in his own room as he is a loud sleeper, but I have read scary things about needing to keep him in the room until 6 months to prevent SIDS. I don't really understand how him sleeping in our room is preventing SIDS, but it also scares me enough to second guess moving him.... Will you follow the 6 month rule?  Or move them to their own room sooner?

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  • DS has been in his own room since he was 1 week old. He too is a noisy sleeper and none of us were sleeping well. I dont know if room sharing for 6 months necessarily prevents SIDS, doesn't it just lower the chances of it occurring (cant it happen anywhere)? Either way, we put DS in his crib, cool room, on his back, and with nothing else in his crib which I've heard all lower the chances of SIDS occuring. 

  • I kept DS in our room for about 3 days before realizing he needed his own room for the exact reason you stated. DD was a little longer at 4 weeks. I guess as a STM I could block the sounds out better  ;)

  • My son has been in his own room since he was about 2 weeks old. I put him on his back, in a Halo swaddle sleep bag and with nothing else in his crib. I don't wake up at every little grunt, toot and gas pain cry anymore and we all sleep better. His room is literally two steps from my room so I leave the bedroom doors open and can hear him when he wakes up and cries. 
  • DS is kinda in our room. We have a office/nursery connected to our room. It has a pocket door that I can close if I want. So my kids are like 5 steps away, but still in their own space. I think I transitioned DD to her own room around 9 months 
  • My LO is in the room with us now he's 9 weeks. We are in a one bedroom apartment so he's going to be in the room with us for awhile. He's not a loud sleeper but it is comforting when I hear something I hit the lamp look over and go back to sleep.
  • Carmine is our fourth child and he's in our room. We have a master loft so that is his room. It's a regular size room with no door. He won't be in an enclose bedroom until we decide our eldest can be in the downstairs bedroom. He's only 7 and we're not comfortable yet. But he's a good quiet sleeper. 
  • We're planning on keeping her in our room for the 6 months (and I'm fine with even longer if she has a hard time transitioning and sleeps better in our room) but she's also a quiet sleeper and I find I sleep much better with her right beside me than I would if she were down the hall. From what I've read room sharing is though to reduce the risk of sids because the sounds of mom and dads breathing, tossing/turning etc. keep the baby from falling into too deep a sleep (that they may be unable to rouse themselves from). Personally I'm not sure how much of a reduction there is in the risk by room sharing and, while its a nice extra, we don't room share solely as a method of "SIDS prevention" it's just what I'm more comfortable with and is the only way I can sleep without getting up a million times to check on her lol if she was a noisy sleeper and keeping us up to the point where I was losing a lot of sleep I would probably move her to her own room
  • I had planned to try to move LO to her crib around 8wks, but she has silent reflux (gags, swallows a bunch, refluxes into her nose, etc), and after talking to my H last night, we'd be more comfortable staying in the RnP in our room for a while longer. We will reassess when the reflux improves.

    Wevbed shared with my daughter until she was over 2. While I loved having her there, we want to avoid that this time. 



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  • Our LO has been in his own room since we brought him home from the hospital.  He sleeps in a Halo sleep sack in a Pack n Play bassinet.  He's 9 weeks.  His room is very close to our room, so it's easy to get to him.  I feel this arrangement has helped him sleep longer stretches at night...well, except for last night, but he was gassy :(  I thought about the SIDS risk, too...but DH and I do everything else...offer a pacifier, put him on his back, swaddle, and run a fan to circulate air.  It's all what you feel comfortable with doing!  I do know that if we didn't have close rooms, LO would have been in the room with us for a little bit.  
  • My LO has been in her crib in her own room since we brought her home from the hospital. She's a loud sleeper and I knew I wouldn't get any sleep between that and me checking on her every 5 seconds. That was just confirmed when she was in her pack n play in our hotel room on vacation. We have the monitor right next to my head and our rooms are very close by. We also have her in just a sleep sack with at least 1 fan running. Her room is pretty chilly, which helps reduce SIDS risk as well
  • Our first was only in our room 2 weeks before going to her own room. She was such a noisy sleeper. Turner is almost 11 weeks old and still in our room but we're in the middle of moving and he'll be in his own room once we're sleeping in the new house which will be tonight or tomorrow night. He's getting too tall for the bassinet anyway. His room in the new house is just across the hall so he'll still be super close. 
  • Dd1 was in our room until about 7 months.  It started out because she was 5 weeks early and we didn't have the crib yet, but the pnp was in our room anyway.  Then it was just convenient to not have to go up and down the stairs every time she woke up.   Dd2 is with us still.  Mainly for convenience, but also Dd1 is still in the crib with the toddler rail.  I don't think Dd2 is going to stay with us as long though.

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  • Thanks for the reassurance ladies! I really think we will all sleep better when he is in his own room, but of course Google had to go and freak me out. His room is right across the hall, he will honestly only be about 15 extra feet away so that does make me feel better. He's sleeping in his pack and play with a sleep sack and a pacifier so that does all make me feel better.
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    I'm pretty sure we'll be switching LO to her crib in her room soon, she's getting the hang of sleeping through the night and i can see she's getting big for her rock n' play, where she sleeps in our room. with that said, DH is terrified of SIDS (i mean i am too, but i know she has to go to her crib at some point) so he's probably going to have her be in our room till she's at the edge of her rock n' play.
    ETA: LO is 9 weeks so i'm hoping to at least having her nap during the day in her crib in the next couple weeks or so.
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  • @g0lightly8706 I have been placing DD in her crib during the day for the past two days now and it's been great! She tosses a bit in the beginning (but doesn't cry) and tosses again around the time she should be waking up. However when I go in to get her she can never manage to wake up til I physically pull her out of the crib haha. I feel like it's a sleep chamber! I'm also terrified of SIDS... She's 6 weeks, but DH coughs and clears his throat and tosses and turns and snores so between him and LO someone is always waking someone else up and I think it's time she got to rest to her potential. I just wish her nursery wasn't on the second floor. I'm sure I'll get less sleep watching the monitor at first. I think we are going to test the crib through the night this weekend or even tonight maybe. Wish us luck that I don't have an anxiety attack!
  • Our little guy sleeps in his crib in our room. He's 6.5 weeks old, and waking up often enough that I really prefer it this way. I'm hoping we can just wheel the crib to his own room once he sleeps longer at night.
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    Well I'm incredibly thankful that our little one sleeps in our room and can see why it is recommended....I woke suddenly in the  night  to the sound of her choking on milk spit up. I leapt out of bed, threw her over my shoulder and gave her back slaps til she threw up what was in her wind pipe. It was so scary and I'm so so glad she sleeps next to our bed! Definitely keeping here there as long as possible!
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  • Dd sleeps in her rock n play in her own room.  Like others have said we keep it cool, no blankets etc.  I do need to work on moving her to her crib but she sleeps SO well in the rnp I hate to mess with it at the moment. We've put all our kids in their own rooms within a week or so of being home because they are noisy sleepers and Dh watches tv on an off all night long and I didn't want the light and noise from the tv to cause the babies to get their days and nights mixed up.
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