Babies: 3 - 6 Months

Nipple size

My baby boy is 4 1/2 months old and has been really fighting and struggling with every feeding lately. He is using size 2 Nipples wondering if it's to early to use size 3. 

Re: Nipple size

  • The flow might be too fast for him actually. I exclusively pump and my boy will be 4 months this week and I still use size 1. He's 15 lbs and eats all the time and seems to be content with the size 1 flow. 
  • DD is 4 months (18 weeks) and we use a size 0 nipple still. 

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  • I thought I heard or read somewhere that you never really need to go up a size in nipples. I use the 0+ month nipples for the Avent bottles which is their smallest I believe & I also thicken her bottles & she still manages to choke bc it comes out too fast.  How exactly is your son fighting feeding? Does he choke or gag or does it seem like nothing is coming out? 
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