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Daily blowouts after starting solids?

Has anyone else had this problem? My son is 5 months, formula fed and we have started solids. He loves them! But now we are having daily blowouts. He poops once a day and every time it gets all over his clothes. It doesn't matter what position he is in. We use Huggies. They fit him good and we are not between sizes, but I am thinking of switching to another brand to see if it helps. I am not a fan of pamper because they tend to get damp on the outside. So I am thinking of trying Luvs. Any suggestions?

Re: Daily blowouts after starting solids?

  • Hmm...the opposite should be happening but it's still early. My LO used to have blow outs all the time on formula/breastmilk and then slowly stopped when we fed solids since it would, ya know...solidify things, lol. That probably didn't happen until he started eating more and more solids though. In the beginning we were still getting blowouts. Did he used to only go once a day? Maybe his system is just trying to get used to the new food. What foods have you tried?
  • It varies for us but generally have prob only had a handful of blowouts and she's almost 7 months. I hear u on the dampness of pampers. So we started using honest diapers especially at night. But I only get when on sale. They hold alot maybe only had 1 blow out with them. I am using the target brand up and up during day. They are like pampers but cheaper and no blow outs yet. I didn't like buggies really. Heard loves is same maker just lower brand of Huggies FYI. We have done banana, avocado, sweet potato and apples. Banana is more constipation FYI. 
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  • going once a day to every other day has always been his normal routine. We eats rice cereal and pretty much all the Gerber stage one foods with the exception of Squash  and Peaches. We haven't tried those yet. We are up to eating two meals a day and could probably move to three pretty soon. He just looooves the food so much. At lunch time when I give him just a bottle he has started opening his mouth like he is waiting for the spoon so I think he is ready for a lunch meal too. Right now I am doing two tablespoons of rice cereal mixed with a fruit and for dinner, 2oz of veggies.
  • Maybe it's the fiber? 

    As far as diapers go, we use Earth's Best- they're more expensive but have contained their share of blowouts. LO had quite a few of those in the past few months- her nature is to not poo for a day or 2, then "poo-splode", but we haven't lost any clothes yet.  Good luck!
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  • Try skipping the cereal and use just the fruit veg. 
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