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Nursing Time question.

In the early days/weeks I understand that baby needs to be nursed often (2-3hours). when does the count down start for the next feeding? At the begging of the feed, or after the feed?

I stumbled over this info before and feel silly inquiring. I simply cannot find it again!

Re: Nursing Time question.

  • You time from the beginning of a feeding. So if baby eats at 1pm and you're feeding every two hours, you'd feed at 3pm. 
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  • Like pp said, the beginning. But I wouldn't go into it with the mindset that it's going to be 2 hours apart. 
    Often, especially in the early months and for me even now at 4 months, babies will want to eat much sooner. Babies will often cluster feed to help up your supply and it's important to feed on demand especially when establishing your supply. 
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  • My 5.5 month old eats every 2-3hrs, round the clock. When she was a newborn she ate much more frequently than that. Every baby is different, so as pp said it's important to feed on demand and not on a schedule. Good luck. 
  • Agree with pp. My son eats once during the over night, every 3 hrs (ish) during they day, and cluster feeds every 30 min when I get off work in the evenings. He is 5 months, he ate more as a newborn.
  • My LO is 7 wks today and feeds around every 4 hours. Out of the hospital he was feeding every 2 hours for about 3 wks then gradually moved to 3 hours on his own. 
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