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Methotrexate today.

Hey ladies.

Today I went in for an ultrasound because i had been bleeding for two weeks and my HCG levels were still low and not budging. The ultrasound reveled right sided ectopic so the dr said I was a candidate for the shot methotrexate. I have to get blood work done ASAP and then 3pm I have to come back to the hospital for the shot and then day 4 and 7 follow up blood work....

I really just want this to be over with... He said the only risk factor I have is pelvic surgery from my c section... 

Im so nervous about this medication I don't even take Tylenol for a headache... Anyone have any experiences.

Re: Methotrexate today.

  • Sorry.  No experience with this medication but hugs and I'll be sending you good thoughts.
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  • No experience here, but I wanted send internet hugs. I'm so sorry you're going through this.
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  • Ne experience either but hugs.  

  • I'm sorry you're going through this and for your loss. I was diagnosed with a right sided ectopic 3/25.  I had labs to check hcg and liver function and then received a dose of methotrexate (in two shots) that day. I was a little nauseas but otherwise ok besides the pain I was having from the ectopic. Dr ordered me to basically bed rest due to risk of rupture.   Day 3 I started spotting just a little bit.  Day 4 my hcg had dropped about 100 points (I started out around 1700).  Unfortunately my hcg went back up to 1800 day 7 so I received a 2nd dose of methotrexate.  Tip: ask for shot in your butt/hips - hurts less, first time I got shots in shoulders and that hurt more). After the 2nd shot I felt like I had the flu- fatigue, nausea, achy. Day 3 after the 2nd shot I started bleeding bright red with clots - sorry tmi.  Unfortunately day 4 my hcg hadn't dropped the 15% they look for and since I was having more pain and bleeding we decided to proceed with surgery. The ectopic had started coming out of tube, had attached to my ovary and was bleeding so it turns out surgery was necessary. The dr was able to save my tube and ovary thankfully.  I'm now 9 day post surgery and finally starting to feel like myself a little more again. I went back to work part time Monday (1 week after surgery). I'm still extremely fatigued but I guess that's to be expected after 2 rounds of methotrexate, surgery, and the loss. 

    Praying the methotrexate works for you! I think it works 90% of time when you meet the criteria for it.  Hang in there and listen to your body and call dr if you start having worse pain, etc.   also ask for nausea meds before your shot- getting it in me before the shot really helped me. I know what a scary time it is and unfortunately for me it was drawn out to almost 3 weeks now.  The physical stuff just adds insult to injury.  Will be praying for you- keep us updated 
  • Thanks so much for sharing your experiance @1inthehopper I just had the shot done and it was in my butt and I can see how your arms were sore because it's defiantly a lot of fluid and hurts. I'm hoping this will solve my problem my HCG was 85 and dropped to 62 in two days but he said it wasn't dropping like it should so he proceeded with the shot.  
  • How are you doing @ssublett09
  • I used methotrexate to treat an ectopic about 5 months ago. My hcg levels were kinda high (about 8200 at the time of diagnosis) and took 6 or 7 weeks to finally bottom out at 0. I spotted the whole time, got a little heavier about a week before I hit 0. Thought it might be my cycle coming back, but I realize now that it probably wasn't. No real ill effects from it other than days 4-7 I just felt like crap. Super tired and just wanted to lay in bed. After that, I didn't really have any issues. My cycle came back about 3 weeks after my hcg reached 0. 

    I hope everything is working out well for you. Hang in there. It is tough but you can do this.
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