How do I cope with my preemie in the NICU?

Hey mom's! I just had my 3rd DS via c-section (first c-section) a week ago. He was only 25 weeks old. He was only 1lb 11oz and of course he is in the NICU. He'll be there until July which was when he was due. My other two were full term. This is all new for me. I know it's the best place for him to be, but it's always a little emotional for me when I visit him. I feel like I can't be a mother to him fully because I'm not with him 24/7. I feel guilty leaving him in the hospital which may sound silly being that he is completely safe there. On top of that I'm having serious marital issues, so I don't have support from my husband. Please tell me it gets easier. Lo is doing really well for the fact that he was born really early to be on the bright side. I need some advice on how to cope? 

Re: How do I cope with my preemie in the NICU?

  • Talk with some of the nurses and other parents in the NICU. The hospital may have some good resources and the nurses and other parents will probably have some good tips on how to make the most of your time there. I'm sorry you're dealing with this.
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  • Thanks! It's definitely a hard thing to deal with, especially when I'm not getting the support from my spouse. I visited my lo today and a former NICU mom is giving a dinner for all the other NICU mom's. I'm looking forward to going.
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  • Im so sorry! But your best bet is to do what @meggyme said. Talk to the nurses & other moms. Only the moms there know how you feel.

    My husband & i werent havent issues when my twins were in the NICU(33weekers, now 7.5 months) but he still didnt fully understand. I would cry every day that i came home & he would tell me that i shouldnt cry because they were being taken care of & they were better off there getting where they needed to be. But my heart hurt. Looking back & thinking back i cringe. 

    It gets easier when you see your LO reach milestomes in order to leave the hospital. It feels better with every little ounce they gain. But in brutal honesty it never got easier for me to leave them everyday,but i learned to deal. You havr to be @ your strongest when yourl feel your weakest momma. I know its hard but soon it will all be a memory. Keep strong & if you ever need to talk you can PM me.

    Keep your head up :heart: 
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