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Tubes at this age?

Uggghhh so we are on Week 7 of an ear infection that just won't quit :( We've been to two ENT's and of course his regular pediatrician and all recommend tubes. Given his age, they want it done by a pediatric ENT at a children's hospital - which I fully support! Has anyone else had this problem or know of anyone who's had it done this young? I'm nervous but I know it's for the best.

Re: Tubes at this age?

  • I worked for 10 years in a children's hospital, and my nephew was a few months older when he had tubes put in. The procedure is super quick and the recovery is super easy. It helps so much to clear those ears and keep them clear. Speech development can be a concern when kids have chronic ear infections since everything they hear is muffled. Good luck to you. I hope your son feels better soon!
  • @Sammy K might be able to help you :) 
  • LO is in the middle of ear infection #5 in 6 months so we're doing tubes. We already met with the ENT so I just need to schedule it.

    There are still risks, but from what I've been told, they're fairly rare and usually mild. I'm not thrilled with it, but it's better than constant dosing with antibiotics and NSAIDS. And they make future infections easier to treat (ear drops instead of oral antibiotics; lower levels of antibiotics that are directly targeted instead of broad spectrum).

    Was there anything specific you are worried about?  I will try to post again after we're done.
  • I think I'm extra nervous about him being put under at such a young age but I know he will be ok. As crazy as this sounds, I'm also worried about the fasting leading up to it. My is a beast when he's hungry haha. Good luck to you @Sammy K . I should have a surgery date today and will keep you posted as well :)
  • I was just about to ask this same question. LO never complains about pain from her ears but they're always infected. We've had to go to the Dr a few times for other things so they always check and it never seems to get any better. They've had us back off the antibiotics for a few days so she could eat and function. If it keeps up, I'm getting a referral for my favorite ENT in the area. Just praying it isn't a long wait.
  • We're set for May 6th. 

    @fridaysdance I hope you can get in quickly. In my area, it's tough to get in during allergy season. Good luck! 
  • I think I'm going to be in the same boat with you all, soon....both my girls (nearly 10mo and 22mo) have had several ear infections.  My ped said 3-4 in a year and we start talking.  We are about there, even after recently switching ped's and him not seeing the previous records.
  • My son is on his 5th ear infection since January, we have an appointment with an ENT on May 6th.  :-(
  • No personal experience but wanted to say good luck! I couldn't imagine dealing with an ear infection for that long. 

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  • Our son is scheduled for the procedure on April 26th!! I'll let you know how it goes!
  • @btm013 I'm jealous you were able to get in so quickly.  I hope it goes well! 
  • Fingers crossed it goes well!  My son is on his 6th ear infection since January and still has to wait until May 6th to see the ENT!  I feel so bad for him!
  • Ugh they pushed the surgery to May 9th!! I will keep you posted! @Jennilikes311 I know it's the worst!!
  • Thank God! He's in for this Monday. I will definitely let you know how it goes.
  • Sammy KSammy K
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    She was great.  She endeared herself to the entire staff and didn't fuss before at all.  She had indication of long-term fluid retention, so it was definitely needed.  She's talking more, seems to be standing more and is much happier in general.  Her inner ears should go back to normal and they will check the tissue at her follow up.  We did it soon enough that it shouldn't affect her speech, but it definitely would have if we left it untreated.  She acted amazed at sounds the next few days while she adapted to her new normal.
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    My lo had his surgery today.  His doctor operates youngest to oldest so we were there at 6:30 in the morning. He actually did fine fasting and was a happy boy before surgery.  It was super quick.  I even ran to the bathroom in the middle of it and when I came out the doctor was sitting there with my husband, I felt kind of bad, whoops! The doctor said his ears were extremely infected and was surprised we didn't notice, which he's been acting fine the whole time, but we figured they would be infected again since he got an infection after being off of each antibiotic for a few days.  He was super fussy but we laid down together when we got home and he woke up happy!  He has had bright red drainage and a fever which is concerning us and I called the doctor on call this evening so we are upping the number of times we are giving drops to see if that helps.  Anyone else's lo's have bloody drainage?  I'm not talking just fluid tinged with blood, this is bright red blood!
  • So glad all of your surgeries seem to be helping so much!
    My LO has another horrible, pussy infection, so we are going to discuss ENT at her year well check.
  • Sammy KSammy K
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    @Jennilikes311 Our ENT said that was normal. We were told to contact them immediately for a fever over 101 or pus-like foul smelling drainage. Liquid drainage is better than thick. I would still call your ENT if the fever doesn't improve. 

    We had an infection 10 days after tubes but it was only 1 ear and much better than usual. So they are already helping.
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