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Essential Oil diffuser

I've really been missing my oil diffuser lately but I can't seem to find anything solid saying whether or not it's ok to use.  I've found some research about applying the oil directly but as far as just using it in a diffuser I'm at a loss.  I came home the other day and my husband had lit some incense and I freaked a bit because I'm not sure about that either.  We light candles, use oil infused humidifiers and burn incense in my house and now I'm just not sure if I can.  I've searched the board and couldn't find much.  Does anyone have any experience with this or could anyone point me in the right direction? TIA
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Re: Essential Oil diffuser

  • It's not going to kill you but there are general guidelines crunchy moms like to go by for that sort of thing. 

    Incense is probably the worst. Because it's gonna release PM into the air. 
    Parafin Candles are not considered ideal. They are best replaced with Beeswax or truly 100% soy. 
    Diffusers come in different varieties. This is a pretty nice article you can make your choices from that:

    I think diffusers at this point are probably the best and considered most therapeutic. That could change over time though. 

    Any of your choices parafin or not incense or not though isn't really a panic sort of matter. I would guess doctors would say it's fine. It's only us crunchy people that take issues with them lol :)


  • I don't think there's any harm so long as you use oils that are approved. Some oils are possible to induce uterine contractions from what I hear. I still topically use my oils and diffuse them sometimes. Took a bath with some last night. If you need more reassurance, Google your brand of oils and pregnancy. 
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  • Awesome ladies.  Thank you.  @Oakleypoozles what is PM?
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  • OakleypoozlesOakleypoozles member
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    LoL sorry I do environmental monitoring. PM is short for Particulate Matter and as far as the air you breath it's one of the more concerning things. Though quite honestly like I mentioned it's only for a short bit of time and if it was monitored in a large room I'd guess it would come out to be within the EPA AQI guidelines as relatively safe. Unless measured like... right near the incense stick. It disperses fast. 

    When your measuring things in the air generally you are looking at how much of a certain thing is in that area.. the concentration. Though I've not measured incense lol if you did have a PM2.5/PM10 machine like a BAM or something measuring in your living room and it was on the other side of the room... it's my guess it would be within safe AQI ranges. Not to mention when you think about measuring the air you measure over long periods of time to determine safety and form averages. So over a 24 hr period or something lighting one incense ... I think you probably get the point lol in the scheme of things not too big of a deal. 


  • I always though oil diffusers are not a good thing when you have a baby. Now i found this thread a bit confused. Thanks for opening my eyes
  • helenbrown09helenbrown09 member
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    I have an oil diffuser by Volant that I have been using it atound my home and I'm just curious about opinions/thoughts about it. I normally have it in my living room, but is it safe to use in a bedroom?
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