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Scooter or Crawler - Which one?

I've got a scooter on my hands who refuses to crawl. What about you?

Re: Scooter or Crawler - Which one?

  • scooter who goes backwards only or rolls... no crawling here. 10 months on the 15th.
  • I have 1 "real" crawler and 1 army crawler.

    The army crawl is seriously hilarious to watch (and looks more exhausting than regular crawling) but man can that kid move fast!!
  • I have 2 crawlers, and man they are getting fast!
  • Sometimes crawler, sometimes army crawler, which seems so tiring!
  • I've got 2 scooters too. They will be 1 on May 13- they get up on all fours but not crawling yet. I was starting to get concerned because most of my friends kids who are around the same age are crawling. My doctor said crawling is not a developmental milestone and if they are moving around there is nothing to be worried about. It's hard not to worry though 
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    We started crawling just after he hit 10 months.  He is now starting to work on standing up :)
  • I kinda wish I only had a scooter or crawler! Lol. Luke has been walking since the start of 9 months and he is in to every freaking thing!! He now runs away when he's got something he shouldn't and knows he shouldn't... He's a fast little bugger! 

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