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Our little rainbow

Our rainbow baby, little Sigrun was born March 30, 2016.  

Labor started with irregular contractions around midday on the 29th. They got stronger and more regular throughout the day. We had my brother and his GF come over to watch DS that night and went to the hospital. When we got there I was in active labor and got admitted. I tried laboring in the tub, but couldn't find a good position for pain relief. I opted for the epi and got it shortly after. Then both I and DH was able to get some very mutch needed sleep. After 1,5 h the midwife woke me up so that I could use the birthing ball for a while in hopes of getting LO further down. After nearly 11 hours of active labor Sigrun was born, a good 19 inches and right above 7lbs. Mom, Dad and big brother are all in love

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    Congratulations!! :D
  • Congratulations!!   *sigh*  i LOVE happy endings!
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  • Congrats!
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    BFP1 04/24/2015 EDD Dec 2015 MMC 10W5d;
    BFP 2 09/25/2015 EDD June 2016 MMC 9wks; 
    BFP 3 03/22/2016 EDD Dec 6th 2016 

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  • Congratulations!!! So happy your rainbow is in your arms!
  • Congrats!!!
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  • Congratulations!


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  • Congratulations!  <3
    TTC#1 since Jan 2015
    BFP 2/19/15  •  MMC found at 9 wks  •  D&E at 11 wks (age 36)
    BFP 8/29/15  •  CP (age 37)
    BFP 11/18/15  •  DD born at 41 weeks <3(age 37/38)

    TTC#2 since May 2017
    BFP 10/18/17  •  MMC found at 8 wks  •  Misoprostal at 10.5 wks (age 39)

    BFP 2/16/18
      •  CP (age 39)
    BFP 4/13/18
      •  CP (age 39)
    BFP 5/07/18  •  MMC found at 10.5 wks  •  D&E at 11.5 wks 
    •  Testing showed it was a girl with Trisomy 22. (age 39/40)
    9/5/18 Diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve (4-5 follicles, one ovary had none and was very atrophied)

    RE says the low egg count is likely causing my recurrent pregnancy loss. Less eggs results in more aneuploidy.

    BFP 9/24/18  • 
    CP (age 40)
    BFP 5/11/19  •  Fraternal twins  •  MMC found at 10w5d (Baby A 6w, Baby B 10w)  •  Misoprostal at 11 weeks (age 41)

  • Congrats!!! How exciting!
    Me: 31 | DH: 43
    BFP #1: 7/15/15, SB: 11/14/15
    Rainbow baby DS born 9/29/16!!
    BFP #3 3/26/18 | Due 12/3/18
  • Congratulations!!! So exciting!! Enjoy every moment! 
  • Thank you so much everyone! I'm just enjoying every moment with my new little wonder. I wish all of you the best and hope you all will have peaceful pgal journeys and soon hold your own sweet rainbow babies in you arms. 
  • Congrats due date buddy!!!  So happy for you
    BFP 2/11/15 (EDD 10/13/15). MMC 3/30/15 D&C 4/3/15 "We will always love you"
    DD1 - BFP 7/23/15 (EDD 3/31/16).  "We believe in you rainbow" DOB 4/2/16
    DD2 - BFP 2/9/18 (EDD 10/19/18).  "Grow baby grow!" DOB 10/24/18
    BFP 11/16/20 (EDD 7/31/21).  "Round 3 FIGHT!"
  • @bntfroggie right back at ya! 
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