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Red rash

My daughter spent the night with my parents last night since they live an hour away and had to keep her today so I could work. When I went to pick her up she had some kind of red rash on her stomach, back, hips and shoulders. She doesn't seemed bothered by it and some spots are really big splotches. They didn't give her any kind of food that she hasn't had and she's spent the night there before. Does anybody know what it could be? I gave her a bath in her eczema body wash and used the eczema lotion too. If it doesn't go away or improve i will be taking her to the doctor. Just wanted some opinions on this.

Re: Red rash

  • Maybe just a dust allergen or maybe she played outside and something in the grass irritated her skin? If it doesnt seem to be itching or hurting her then I probably wouldn't worry about it. 
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