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Quality time wit DH?

Hi ladies, 
as you all know it's very hard to squeeze in some quality time with your significant other. 

Anybody have any special plans or suggestions on ways to spend time with your special someone. 

My DH and I just booked a romantic getaway to the sybaris. It's a suite with a whirlpool in it, very romantic. Anyways it's been sooo long since we got "us" time. I'm excited but feel alittle guilty leaving he baby to his sister. It's only one day but still.

Re: Quality time wit DH?

  • I sometimes have guilt when I have "me" time and go shopping by myself! I'm slowly starting to get over it...

    About a month ago, I had to travel to Ohio from Pennsylvania for 2 whole weeks for a new job training. I'm not going to lie, it was crazy hard on me. So my husband left our twins with my mom and dad on the weekend to come visit me for a mini-vacation. It was so nice, I'm so glad he did it!
    We did a small, one night getaway trip to Pittsburgh this past weekend too while the twins again stayed with my parents.

    Up until then, the babies never had a sleep over. We realized we may need to have one night getaways maybe once a month, even if that means us staying home without the kids. We were hitting a rough patch in our marriage and fighting a lot due to stress from work, sudden medical issues, and just life itself. The alone time really just reminded us of why we've been together for 7 years!
  • Ugh DH and I need this! We're like everyone else and all the stresses of life plus adding twins to the mix has got us in a funk. @dianabeee the Sybiris is so nice! We stayed in the majestic in Indianapolis. It was wonderful, make plans to stay in the entire time because the room is awesome! @beckyk9109 how do you manage leaving twins with your parents? I feel like they need so much stuff that we'd have to have them stay here. I also feel guilty asking them to watch the girls while we getaway. I'm sure both of our parents would love to watch them, I just feel bad asking. How did you go about asking?
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    @jjvanwagner25  I honestly didn't even ask, my mom just offered. She's kind of ridiculous actually haha. She lives 2 hrs away, and has a fully equipped house to take care of the girls. I'm talking 2 pack and plays (with the super nice, additional mattress inserts), two high chairs, spoons, bottles, cups, everything. We just bring the twins, diapers, clothes, and formula basically. She even has 2 umbrella strollers for if they want to go somewhere.

    My twins are her first, and probably only grandchildren (we're not holding out hope for my sister and brother) so they're ridiculously spoiled. Plus, she doesn't get to see them as often as she would like. I have no issue asking her to watch them overnight in the future, she loves having them!

    Edit: I should add that I completely trust my mom. Now my MIL I would never ask, I don't think she could handle the two of them.
  • @beckyk9109 that makes me feel better. I trust both of our parent. We have 2 pack n plays just need to splurge on the high chairs. Were you the one that got the cheap but awesome high chairs from ikea? 
  • I use a bumbo at my moms if that's a cheaper option for a high chair just trying to help
  • No but I wish I had known about those before!  We looked at local yardsales and there's an app called Letgo that is basically like an online yardsale. I do know I think it's Babiesrus has a Costco high chair for like $30 I believe? So not too bad.

    One my girls has chunky legs so she doesn't fit in her bumbo to use that haha
  • Oh yeah my girls can not fit in those bumbo anymore either lol. Yeah I think the ones at ikea are like $15!
  • In the past year we have learned that it's very important to do what we can to get just some us time... Whether it's putting the kids to bed early or going out. Just spending us time has really helped our relationship. 

    My mom and step dad were down last month visiting and they were able to baby sit while we went out to dinner. 
    We also kind of rotate with our best friends... We watch their kids, they watch ours and so on. This gives us all time to go out and the kids time to play. 

    Mom our anniversary we left them overnight and it was nice and sucked since I'm nursing and still woke to pump. Haha. But it was fun! 

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  • yayyy @jjvanwagner25 ! You'll really enjoy yourself. As much as I love and adore my kiddos, sometimes adult time is necessary to keep you sane. I'm so excited for you!
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