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Am I done breastfeeding?

DS is 7 months old and keeps chomping down on my nipple while nursing. I think he's doing it went my letdown isn't happening fast enough or when the flow slows down. But it's so painful. I'm hoping its just a phase but if not I guess I'll have to just pump which doesn't sound exciting. Anyone have a similar experience?

Re: Am I done breastfeeding?

  • My LO got super fussy about the slower letdown around 7 months. Like arching his back and shrieking when letdown wasn't instant. I drank a ton more water which helped but now at 9 months we're having the same problem again, it's so stressful that I'm weaning now. Pumping around 2 pm then nursing him at 7:30pm so I'm full enough that there's a good letdown. I could pump every 3 hours ATC if I wanted to keep him on 100% BM for a year but it's just not worth it to me, my goal was 6 months and we made it so I've made my peace with weaning.
  • He could also be chomping down due to teething. My son starting biting around 6-7 months when his first couple teeth were coming in. The phase ended in a couple weeks and we are still going strong at 13 months. If EBF is important to you, and in there! It may just be a phase!
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  • Maybe try seeing a cranio sacral therapist- it will help with chomping
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    Ouch yes we had a biter bad around that time, a bit later. Definitely due to teething and frustration. I found patterns to help stop it. For example if I nursed him too close to finishing solids and he wasn't that hungry, he was using me as a teether because he wasn't that hungry. You have to be firm and say no (which sucks, he's a baby!) and remove him from the breast. Keep doing this! One night I had to take him off and end the session completely because he just kept biting each time I put him back on. As painful and hard as it is try to muffle your reactions so it doesn't become entertainment too. The phase lasted just a couple weeks for me and we were able to continue on breastfeeding and still are at a year now, so there's hope! I thought it was over though it's really hard!! Also watch for biting and yanking on bottle nipples and any teethers that resemble nipples in any way. Do the same "no biting" reinforcements with those too. Oh and try teethers, teething tabs, cold washcloth etc prior to nursing so his gums get that pain release first and he won't be looking to your poor nipples for that!!! Good luck!! 
  • One trick I learned here in the forums if you can't get him off when he's chomped on there is to press his face into the breast (rather than trying to pry open his mouth and pull off...ugh I'm having flashbacks...!) which forced him to open his mouth. It might startle him for a second but you're just doing it long enough to get him off of there 
  • My 5 mo started biting again (he hadn't in a few weeks), so this time I pinched his nose shut to get him to open his mouth to breathe. It took a few seconds surprisingly but then he let go and had a really confused look on his face!
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