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daycare cooties!

Hey ladies! I need your opinions! My son started daycare a few weeks ago. A few days before he started, I went to the daycare to drop stuff off & talk to his teachers. I felt their attitude on germs was a little LAX, when I asked them how often they cleaned the hanging toys in the activity gym, the response I got was the toys can't reach the babies mouths! At that point, my work was already set up & I brought him there. Now after 7 days at daycare, he's already had a pretty wicked cold & I've missed work bc I got the same cold. I know that babies will get sick in daycare but do you think a more vigilant staff would help prevent the spread of germs? There's another daycare option that's way more expensive but they seemed more concerned with germs...I'm jw if it's worth the move. Thanks for the insight!

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    Like you said, babies do get sick in daycare. However, I find their "the toys can't reach the babies mouths" so we don't worry about cleaning them attitude very disturbing. They should be sanitizing and cleaning the toys and room regularly. 7 days is very soon for your child to already get a cold. How old is he? 
    Coxsackie went around in LO's room and thank goodness she did not get it. The staff thoroughly disinfected all the toys and room to reduce the spread to the little ones (they have crawlers in the room, up to 12 mo). I constantly see them cleaning. 
    You should find a daycare that meets your needs and makes you comfortable to leave your child. 
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    While I do find what the staff said a bit alarming, I feel like sanitizing will only do so much anyways. These babies are in constant contact with each other, up to 5 full days a week, and will probably transmit germs between each other if not through the toys. My babe has gotten sick so many times already as have I. It sucks but I do think some of it in unavoidable. 
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    My pediatrician warned us that DD will get sick often in daycare, but we pay our dues now and, once they go to preschool, they will no longer be getting sick - all the non-daycare kids will. We are lucky that DD has only gotten one cold since starting in February. I think transmission of germs is hard to avoid in a daycare setting, regardless of how often toys are sanitized. But as pp said its all about your comfort level. 
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