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Um, am I the only one still wearing some maternity clothes?

I know most mums were itching to get back into their cute pre-baby clothes. However, weight loss is coming very slowly for me. I am still wearing maternity jeans and some tops until I work off this belly. Yes, I'm embarrassed.  :(

Re: Um, am I the only one still wearing some maternity clothes?

  • I'm in the same boat! I've been dieting, and working out every day but have yet to really lose any weight! Haven't lost any since baby was born actually. :/ seems like no matter what I do or how hard I try, this weight just isn't coming off. 
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  • This. I am still 23 pounds up and am 11 weeks out. I watch calories and what I eat but don't want to sacrifice my supply. I work out as often as possible but nothing is really coming off. I am definitely in maternity clothes and will be for a while. It is upsetting! 
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  • KFrobKFrob member
    I'm in a weird in between where any of my maternity pants w the full panel are way to big but my regular pants are way to small. I broke down and bought four pairs of pants, two jeans, two work pants, to hold me over until I fit back into my regular ones. I still wear a pair of Demi panel khakis. All my tank tops are maternity and I'm still wearing some sweaters. I can't stand this in between, it's like being 12 weeks pregnant forever. 
  • I'm still wearing either maternity or yoga pants.  I could probably fit into some of my regular pants, but that seems like a lot of effort considering that they're just going to get peed on or spit up on
  • I am wearing my maternity tops because they make breastfeeding so much easier!
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    I broke down and bought three pairs of jeans in my new size. 
  • I am entirely wearing my maternity tops. They make breastfeeding so much easier. I wish my regular clothes were stretchier so I could wear them, but the tops are fairly normal-esque.
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  • I'm with @paigeyferd on prying my leggings from my cold dead hands. I'm almost back to pre pregnancy weight, but my normal jeans just aren't fitting right. I think my hips have shifted and just aren't back where they used to be. I'm also carrying more weight in my butt. Which for a girl who has never had junk in her trunk is kind of nice! Here's to moving up a pant size!
  • I've lost all but 5 pounds but my body has just completely changed. None of my pre-pregnancy bottoms fit and just a few tops do. Hello, nursing boobs and birthing hips! Maternity clothes it is until I can find the courage and energy to go shopping and try stuff on. 
  • I'm still 12 pounds to pre pregnancy weight and my jeans don't come anywhere close to fitting comfortably. I'm still rocking maxi dresses and yoga pants. I despise maternity pants
  • I'm not sure my jeans will ever fit. I think my hips may have expanded. That's okay, wide hips are sexy! It's just a damn shame. I have a lot of nice jeans.
  • I still wear some of my stuff. My dress pants and leggings are still worn daily.  The jeans I've retired to the storage bin because the belly part keeps sliding down and I end up hiking my jeans up all day long.  A few of my tops I still can wear as longer/tunic type tops at this point with the leggings and they don't look maternity at all.

    I have GOT to get back into the gym.  I am almost 17 weeks PP and have about 8-9 lbs to lose.  It doesn't seem like a lot, but I can tell I am totally out of shape and my proportions are all out of whack. 

  • I am too :( I go back to work Wednesday and will probably be wearing maternity pants and I have to pick up some loose work shirts before then. Embarassingly I have been eating poorly and not working out so I can only blame myself.
  • Yep, I am also still in maternity clothes, other than yoga pants and some very forgiving dresses.  I'll be 9 weeks postpartum tomorrow and I still have a loooong way to go.  (Gained about 40, have lost only 10. :/)  I'm still not cleared for exercise other than walking, due to stupid granulation tissue that still hasn't healed (second round of silver nitrate last week!  *shudder*) so I'm just going to have to focus on calories.  Since I'm weaning myself from pumping, at least I don't have to worry about my supply anymore and plan to start tracking my calories in My Fitness Pal this week, starting with 1800 a day, working my way down to 1500 a day.

    But I've found my postpartum body to be so strange and not what I expected!  My upper belly looks nearly the same as before now and that happened quickly and with no effort.  My lower belly and hips though... wow.  I've always had wide hips and a smaller waist but holy cow, it looks like the top half and the bottom half of my body belong to different people!  And I have back fat now!  I have never, despite being overweight or at a healthy weight, had back fat, but I have two distinct sections of it.  Sigh.  

    Anyway, I'm hopefully going to be cleared for real exercise in 4 weeks, until then I'm hoping walking with the baby 2x a day and cutting calories will do the trick!  Otherwise I'm going to have to do some shopping!
  • @maureenmce The way you describe how your PP body looks is exactly how I feel! I was having a hard time describing to someone the other day how I was feeling about my body.  I don't have a lot more to lose and people say that I look great, but my body just isn't how I picture it to be. I tried on pre-pregnancy clothes and while a lot of it fits, I just don't like the fit anymore.  Once I get back in the gym, I'll be able to see if it's just me having to lose some weight or if these new proportions will be my new body type. 

  • 11 weeks postpartum and still in yoga pants and maternity pants 
  • 14 weeks out and still in maternity pants. 
  • @maureenmce so true!!!! I have never ever been self conscious about my legs or butt, despite being overweight. But I was working out in the gym and when I saw myself in the mirror I thought, "why did no one tell me my butt got huge!!!???" Seriously I was not prepared for how my body would change overall...not just the stomach and boob region.
  • I've lost the weight but I still have a fairly significant bump. Still wearing maternity clothes for the most part. It takes a while to go back to normal. 
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  • I'm definitely wearing only maternity stuff, I have a lot more weight to lose. It sucks. 
  • I was so sick the entire pregnancy, so before I had LO, I was 8 pounds lighter than before I got pregnant. After having her, I had lost 40 pounds. The problem for me is that even though I don't have the weight, my body is a different shape. And don't get me started on bras. My boobs have completely deflated. They practically slide out of the bottom of my bras.
  • 15 weeks pp and I'm still wearing my maternity jeans. Still the only things that fit me. They are comfortable so I'm not really complaining. It would be nice to be able to fit in my old clothes again tho. 
  • I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I don't look it! Everything is just "off." I am back into all of my tops, and some of my jeans, but only the ones that have a bit of "stretch" to them. But I REFUSE to wear my maternity jeans. I hate them. So, I caved and bought a couple of pairs of jeans in a bigger size. They have made a huge difference in my self-esteem. Before I bought them, I would go to my closet, ask myself, "hmmmm...I wonder if these jeans will fit yet." The answer was usually no, and then I would get depressed. Now I just stick to the five pairs of jeans that fit me well, and don't worry about my stash of beautiful, designer jeans. I will revisit them eventually...

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  • 15 weeks post partum, the only things I wear are yoga pants, t-shirts and my maternity clothes. 
    I refuse to go shopping for clothes because who wants to cry in the dressing room? Not this girl. 
  • This is my life too. Still wearing my work maternity pants and living in yoga pants when I am home. I'm like many other ladies, my shape is just WAY off in my belly area especially. I'm about 5 pounds away but my belly feels like it has way more sitting right on it. I'm too cheap to buy more clothes when I'm hoping to eventually to get back there, so for now I just enjoy my yoga pants.
  • I go back to work tomorrow, and I think it'll be maternity pants for me. I had already packed them all away too. Most shirts are ok on me, but pants aren't close to fitting. I'm hoping I can improvise until Memorial Day weekend when stores have crazy good sales so that I can buy regular pants that fit. 
  • All of this is true for me! I went thru about 25 pairs of pants yesterdat to see what fit. I can button and zip only about 8-10 pairs and only about 4 of those are decent and I don't look like a stuffed sausage.

    And it is unfortunate but you might go back down to pre prego weight but it's all different. ... and most likely your pants will never fit the Same. Hips seem to grow with each kid despite me getting back to my normal weight. I've got 20 to go to get back to my normal weight and sweet baby Jesus I  tried to fit in my favorite jeans and it was just wrong on all levels!
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