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Been here before took a break now I'm back

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Hello All,

I've been diagnosed with PCOS. I have been trying on and off for three years. Last year I met with s fertility doctor and felt like they brushed me off and just wanted me to loose weight. I just saw a new specialist and really love them. There working with my thyroid and having me see other doctors. Really glad to be back on here giving and getting support. 

Re: Been here before took a break now I'm back

  • Hello! Welcome back, sad you have to be here again but glad you have a new specialist!  I hope your stay is short and this specialist has some more helpful management!  I also have PCOS and am currently on Metformin.  Just waiting to hear from the fertility doctors for our first appointment.

    Married since 2011

    TTC since Oct 2014
    DOR + MFI
    3 failed IUIs; IVF August 2017
    FET January 2018 - BFP
  •  Thanks Seethosestars I think that's what we're going to try are there any weird side affects 
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  • Welcome back, I'm glad you are feeling more encouraged with your new specialist. 

    Me 34 DH 36 Married since July 2010 
    MFI (High DNA Fragmentation) & Mild endometriosis
    TTC #1 since June 2015 
    Aug 2016 - May 2017  6 IUI's with letrozole - BFN
    April 2017 - laparoscopy to remove mild endo
    June 2017 - Mini IVF letrozole 12.5mg, Gonal-F 75IU - Cancelled early ovulation, no eggs retrieved. 
    Aug/Sept 2017 - Mini IVF letrozole 12.5mg, Gonal-F 75IU, cetrotide - 13 eggs retrieved, 11 mature
    5 eggs ICSI'd 6 eggs frozen - 1 day 5 blast transfered, 2 expanded blast frozen - BFP!
    May 2018 - Baby girl born - Our Joy

    TTC #2 since July 2019
    July 2019 - FET - BFN
    Jan 2020 - FET - canceled due to family health issues
    Mar 2020 - FET - low beta - chemical pregnancy
    July 2020 - ICSI'd remaining 6 eggs - 3 fertilized - 2 survived to early blast stage, transfered both - Chemical Pregnancy

  • Hello!  I'm glad you feel like you are in better care. I hate going to the doctors and feeling like I'm not listened to.
    TTC since May 2015 with domestic partner of 13 years. Me 33 OH 33.  No ovulation or natural menstruation. Normal SA.
    Diagnosed PCOS February 2016
    First cycle 50mg Clomid 5/3/16, O'd CD 19 BFN
    Second cycle 50mg Clomid 6/1/16 O'd CD 18 BFN
    Third cycle Clomid 6/29/16 O'd CD 16 BFP @11dpo!
    EDD April 3 and praying things work out!
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