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Attorney, judicial clerkship

Hey mommas, 

I am a first-year associate, and I'm currently pregnant (20 weeks). I have a job offer at a different small firm (significant pay cut) and they know I'm pregnant, but I was just contacted by a judge to interview for a judicial clerkship. I've wanted to clerk since I heard about clerkships in law school, so I do want to go for it. However, I'm nervous about the maternity leave and the interview process. I don't want to hide the fact that I'm pregnant from the judge, but at the same time, I don't want to not get the job simply because I'll need maternity leave in the fall. And yet, it's a small district and it would affect the chambers (and would I really want to work for a judge who would not hire a qualified candidate because she's pregnant?). What are your thoughts on interviewing for a clerkship while pregnant? What do I say if they ask about needing any "reasonable accommodations" (technically pregnancy isn't a disability under the ADA, but I'll likely need ADA accommodations at some point for medical issues due to pregnancy, which are protected)? Should I just forget about doing a clerkship at all and take the associate gig? Thanks.

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    Go for it :) You'll regret it, if you don't. 
  • Agreed. Go for it. It sucks feeling like you need to hide it but as a lawyer i understand the nature of certain jobs (like a clerkship) make it hard to have maternity leave. 

    See if u can reach out to other people/older attorneys to find out how it actually works/if it is feasible.  But I always say you might as well try. Applying for the clerkship won't affect your other job offer right? You'll still have the firm to fall back on? 

    Good luck! And let us know how it goes! 
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  • I agree.  You should go for it.  This opportunity may not come around again and you don't want to risk missing out on it.  As to whether you should tell them, I'd wait until you get to the point in the process where you tell them.  I interviewed when pregnant, and whether people admit it or not, it's a factor when you're interviewing.  While of course it's illegal for them to discriminate because of that, it still biases some people.  I waited until I was going in-person (I was 7 months along, no hiding that) before I told them.  

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