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How do you keep a rolling baby to sleep on their stomach?

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I have a 4 1/2 month old son who has such a hard time sleeping on his back. He is excellent at rolling over onto his tummy now and will do so almost any time I set him down on his back. This includes when it's bedtime. The only time he'll sleep on his back is when he is absolutely exhausted, but even then it seems his crazy flailing arms will eventually wake him up. I've started to put him on his tummy to get him to fall asleep, and then once he's asleep, I'll turn him over and hope it doesn't wake him up. I've even let him sleep on his sides, which is preferable to him over sleeping on his back. I really don't want to allow him to sleep any other way than on his back though because SIDs terrifies me, but he just wakes himself up constantly if he's on his back, and because he's also teething right now too, he's extra likely to wake up frequently because of the pain. 

Anyone else having a hard time getting their little ones to sleep on their backs? I just don't know what to do to get him to stay that way. Many times I'll put him on his back and he'll just roll right over onto his belly, and if I insist on moving him back to his back, he gets frustrated and cries, and then of course he can't fall asleep. :( 

Re: How do you keep a rolling baby to sleep on their stomach?

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    Ceridwen77Ceridwen77 member
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    Once baby can roll back to tummy it's fine to allow them to sleep on their tummy. The risk of SIDS at that point is extremely low (I mean, SIDS in general is extremely rare so this is an exponentially lower risk). 
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    Agree with pp, let him sleep on his tummy :)
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    Yes I was told by Doctor once u find them on their tummies and they can roll they are fine to sleep on tummies. My LO is opposite every time I put her on tummy she flips over. She has been sleeping on side though at night!
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    Once they are able to roll they are safe to sleep on their tummies. My DD hates sleeping on her back too. She's not 4 months yet but rolls all the time, I can usually get her to go to sleep on her back and then she will end up rolling herself over to her tummy and puts herself back to sleep. Usually when she rolls over onto her tummy I just do a quick check to make sure her nose and mouth are free from the mattress/sheet and then go back to sleep. If they aren't I just turn her head a little so that they are. 
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    It's important to note that you're still supposed to put baby down on his back for bed and then if they roll to tummy you can let him stay that way. 
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    I was told always put them to sleep on their back. If a baby rolls on their own then you can leave them that way. My little man has been rolling to his side from birth and started rolling to his tummy to sleep a few weeks ago. 
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