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Baby Registry Website for Group Gifts

My wife and I are about to have our first baby, and we're putting together a baby registry. We want to put a couple of big items on there, e.g. crib, stroller. We're looking for a registry that helps guests find others who want to purchase these big items together. Instead of the guests finding their own group of friends to chip in together, I was hoping the website would facilitate that. Does anyone know of any sites that does this?

We looked at a bunch of sites, and they either require the guests to find their own group or only accept money. The money route isn't a bad idea, but we've seen most baby showers revolve around picture time with the parents. The pictures would be a lot more impressive if there's a physical stroller there instead of an envelope or an invoice. Any suggestions?

Re: Baby Registry Website for Group Gifts

  • You're overthinking this.  Generally, people only go in together on big gifts if they're close friends or family or it's a planned group gift (like at a work shower).  People are able to coordinate this on their own.  Otherwise, if they want to contribute to a larger gift, they'll buy a gift card.

    Please don't choose a "money only" option..  People often enjoy shopping for showers because baby stuff is pretty darn cute, and your registry should be viewed as a suggestion list only.
  • They'll get you a gift card if they want to go in on a big item. 
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  • You could always have a nice expensive prop stroller available for super impressive photos if you want to just beg for cash. 
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