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Gagging at breast

I know that this is typically an issue for moms with an oversupply or a forceful letdown. Does anyone know another reason baby might gag at breast? I have low supply, and a weak letdown (very frustrating to a hungry baby). Sometimes when I get him to latch he gags the first couple of times, but there isn't even any milk flowing yet. I tried searching, but only saw letdown and oversupply explanations. 

Re: Gagging at breast

  • Hmm..maybe he just has a strong gag reflex? DS was like this and would gag on his own saliva all the time to the point where I thought he was choking. He never did it when just latching though.
  • My little one gags sometimes because he has tongue tie, which means his tongue doesn't have the mobility to protect his throat and causes gagging 
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