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Working STMs+: how/when do you work out?

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I work a pretty traditional 8-5 schedule, and by the time I'm home from work, it's just about time to start the dinner + bedtime routine for my 18-month-old daughter.  Doctor told me last week at 21wks that I should stop playing tennis, which was my only regular exercise at 2-3x per week.  I'm wondering how you other working moms with kiddos find time to work out!  I was so good about walking, swimming, yoga during my first pregnancy, but of course that was before I had a toddler running my life.  Would love to hear what works well for you all!  

Re: Working STMs+: how/when do you work out?

  • That's frustrating that you are being told to stop what is working for you! It is definitely more difficult now with a toddler around.  My last job had a gym on campus and I worked out at lunch, quickly!  Now, I get up around 5:20 or so and workout in our basement.  We luckily got a treadmill for Christmas and I have a trainer that sets up great workouts each month for me.  On the weekends, we walk a lot and I do prenatal yoga one day.  With the weather getting somewhat nicer, night time walks are essential!  Sometimes it's tough to get up early, but I also love that I'm done before work and know that I have the evening to focus on my son without worrying about working out.   Oh, I should also say that I have no problem going to bed at 9:30 at night so that helps with waking up early!  I'm not sure how this will go when I have a nursing infant waking me up at night but hopefully I can still get it in a few times a week!
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  • It is definitely not easy to squeeze in exercise when you work full time and have kids. We have 3 kids at home and I work 8-5 also. I try really hard to put our youngest in the wagon or stroller and at least take walks when the weather permits. The older kids either walk along or ride their bikes. Also, dancing around with the little one is fun and she absolutely loves it. You can google work outs involving kids and they have some good ideas.
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  • If I am going to do a class, it has to be in the morning. I try to go to the 6:30 classes. It takes me about 20 minutes to get ready in the morning, so i'm able to squeeze it all in before I drop off DD at school. DH usually handles her breakfast and getting ready... I just pick out clothes. 

    If i'm going to run, I'll plan to run for 20 to 30 minutes with the BOB and then I take her to the park. I let her play for a little bit, then run an extra 10 minutes home. When I do this, dinner isn't ready until 6:30 or 7 and it is usually warming up leftovers. 

    I also have the 21 day fix extreme DVD's. Those are about 30 minutes. I can do those in the playroom while DD is busying herself with something. And I also do the BBG workouts from Kayla Itsines. Those are also 30 minutes and are pretty easy to do from home. 

    It's tough! And it is all going to change when baby #2 arrives. 
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  • Ugh I feel so guilty about this. I try to go for a walk after work with DS, DH, and our dog since the days are getting longer now and I try to stay active on the weekends. However exercise is at a standstill, I really need to. I'm out the door in the morning by 8:30am and home at 6 pm, I should get up early to exercise but my lazy butt rather sleep lol

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