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FTM questions: wet bags and diaper prep

First, I'm wondering what wet bags I should buy to keep in the diaper bag. I'm eyeing the Planet Wise ones, but am not sure what size would work best (s, m, or l). We're using prefolds, if that makes a difference.

Second, since I'm supposed to wash my prefolds a few times before use, is it ok to wash them with other white laundry? Just for the prep? Or should they be washed by themselves.

thanks in advance!

Re: FTM questions: wet bags and diaper prep

  • for the wet bags, I like having a couple different sizes so you can take a small one for a quick trip and a larger one for an all day trip.

    To prep the prefolds, washing with other laundry is fine just make sure to omit fabric softener/dryer sheets on those loads.

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  • @PipSqueak0313 thanks for the reply/advice :smile:
  • I liked planetwise medium for the diaper bag, wet-dry with handles for daycare, and a large for the change table at home. I have other brands too, but the PW ones have been in use 3 years and are still holding up well, so they've been worth the extra cost.
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  • This is my first time cloth diapering but I have gotten so far a smartbottoms, bumgenius, and an applecheeks just to see what I like. 
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    I have medium planet wise wet bags for out and about. 

    I washed our diapers by themselves. 

    Read up on fluff university. I didn't know that hard water was messing up my diapers. I havent had problems since I started using calgon liquid water softener. I think prefolds are more forgiving but I have a mix of diaper styles. 
  • I've used "529 baby" wet bags for 4 years now and they've held up really well. I prefer medium size but have a small one for quick trips as well. They're on hyena cart. At the time I looked they were cheaper than planetwise and had prints I liked better.
  • We had locally made ones, but used a large one at home, two small ones for out and about, and a medium one with two pockets for daycare (one pocket clean and one dirty). 
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