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iron supplement....

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Ok so ds 19 months had/has an iron deficiency due to being a 31 weeker first they gave him an infusion and all is almost perfect he is just a little low and with diet and a liquid supplement for a few months he should be good. So good news is I only need to do this for a few months bad news is I can't get it into him gracefully... we were doing it with his yogurt (this stuff taste horrible by the way) and all was well fornlike two days now he won't eat his yogurt with or without iron which sucks because he will not drink milk so yogurt was a big part of his dairy either way we did it in oj and he just won't drink it tonight we took a syringe and did oj and the iron and forced it down but I don't want to give him a bad association lol I don't give him juice yet but thid was an exeption but I feel like oj will be something inwould like him to drink eventually... dh husband jokingly said why don't you mix the iron with soda so he will associate soda with it hahah but seriously not his worst idea ha. Question is I feel horrible forcing hik to take this stuff I know he needs it do any of you have any tips or ideas of what I can fo or mix it with that may really mask the taste??? Help me!!! TIA

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    Sorry about some typing errors I forgot to reread and check!
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    Does he like smoothie? That masks a lot of strong flavors. Does he eat meat? You can up his meatball intake instead of using the supplement or add other iron foods to his diet. 
    Also, as you probably know toddlers reject a lot of things and then one day suddenly accept them. Maybe keep offering the syringe but don't force and see if he accepts it one day?
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    I tried a smoothie not crazy about dairy! We do give him a iron packed diet as well as a very balanced diet he is a good eater other then dairy. he was pretty low and had no stores from the prematurityso the supplement is only for 3 months. We split the dose in two today instead of all that yucky a tiff in one gulp and did a syringe with oj and he willingly took it so like you said about toddlers lol. Thank you for your response I'm just going to do the best I can:)
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