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Rejecting a bottle...

hi all... I need help/advice please. From being two weeks old my EBF DS has take a bottle of expressed breast milk every night. This has enabled me to leave him on occasion as I have been able to pump a number of bottles that he has happily taken, for example our wedding anniversary in February. However in the last week he has refused to take any bottle apart from the one bottle at 1030 each night from my husband. Has anyone else experienced this?? Any suggestions on how to reverse this sudden change of heart? I love feeding my baby, but their are times when I have to be able to leave him with my husband or my mum... Please help!

Re: Rejecting a bottle...

  • Try different bottles, are you pace feeding? I don't really have experience with this but I believe there is a lot of discussion regarding babies refusing bottle.
  • My LO gets a bottle of pumped milk or formula after every time he nurses due to my low supply.  The past 3-4 days he screams like he's being murdered every time the bottle touches his lips.  I'm hoping it's just a phase since I go back to work in a week.
    I don't have any suggestions, but you're not alone
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