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Stroller Safety

Hi! I am looking to replace my twin stroller with a single for my 19 month old. I haven't bought a single stroller since I had my first son over 5 years ago, since then I have been using a double since my kids are all so close in age (ds -5, ds -4, dd -3, dd 19months) I am wondering what everyone recommends as well as what is most important to you in terms of stroller safety features?

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  • I have a Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller and it's awesome for walks around the neighborhood. Smooth ride and comfortable for my daughter. But honestly, as great as the stroller is, my daughter usually would rather walk and doesn't want to be strapped in.

    I'm not sure what you are looking for as far as safety features go but IMO not much can happen in a stroller so I'm not that concerned with safety features. It's not a car seat.

  • As far as safety goes, I want to make sure that the brakes especially are good. I had a stroller that had faulty brakes and my double stroller took off on me one day while my 1 year old was strapped in it... My 18 month old enjoys walking but I need to get the older kids to and from nursery and kindergarten and she's been good about the stroller to date.
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  • 5 point harness, proper sunshade, good brakes, ergonomically correct for me, foot rest at comfortable height for baby and comfy seat for baby. 
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    I love my maclaren umbrella. Leans back but is compact. Tall enough handles that I'm not leaning over. 
  • Hey Y'all, kind of in the same line of question but does anyone recommend a good umbrella stroller with toughish wheels that when folded can be carried as a back pack versus the one strap? It's always just me and the baby and when we ride the streetcar I would like the umbrella stroller since its more compact and when its folded i want the weight evenly distributed. 
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