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TTC-Single Mom By Choice-40-chance of multiples?

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Hello all, 
I have wanted to be a mom for a long time and once I turned 40 last July, I knew that I could no longer wait for Mr. Right to get started on my family.  I have had 5 IUIs to date.  This current cycle, my doctor added clomid/clomid challenge along with ultrasound monitoring and the trigger shot.  At today's day 13 ultrasound the doc. found 2 mature follicles and possibly a third.  I was warned of the possibility of multiples but then was told that if I was doing IVF, they would fertilize 2-3 eggs anyway.  In other words, should I be freaking out about the possibility of multiples through IUI, especially given that I am doing this on my own?  Or, should I be encouraged that the multiple follicles may give me a better chance to conceive at all?   

Re: TTC-Single Mom By Choice-40-chance of multiples?

  • Do follicles mean babies? Sorry I have no experience with this. 
  • Not sure that this board is the right place to get the right answers. Increased folicles mean you may realease multiple good eggs. If you really want a baby I guess you just be happy and go from there. You could always reduce if you need to, but you'll have 9 months to plan for whoever will be arriving. Good luck. 

  • Hello @episcopalgirl2! How did your iui go?
    Im too a single mum by choice. As I can't conceive natural and have to get pregnant by IVF, why wait for mister right ;)
    I hope by now you are happy pregnant and soon a mummy. 
    If you feel like chatting, let me know.
    Boards that helped me are the infertility board and pregnant after infertility as those ladies do know about IUI and IVF.


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