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Hi ladies. I have had 2 losses within 3 months. I recent saw a specialist who wants to run a bunch of blood work, as well as do an ultrasound and possibly a hysteroscopy. However, I have to wait for my cycle to return for this to start (I had had a d&c 2 weeks prior to my appt and the specialist did not want to do anything since I was still healing from the procedure. He also wanted to make sure my hormone levels were back to/close to "normal"). I also went to a nutritionist, and she suggested I have the MTHFR gene mutation. Has anyone had any experience with this or know anything about treatment options? I know it means the person is unable to absorb/break down folic acid, so a prenatal with folate is needed. Any other information is greatly appreciated! Thank you for taking the time for reading this post, whether you're able to answer or not!


  • I'm heterozygous for the C677T mutation. Unfortunately, I've heard mixed things. Some doctors don't think it's a big deal at all, especially if you are heterozygous (my OB falls into this camp). I've seen other people on here (who are also heterozygous) being treated with high doses of folic acid and baby aspirin. Some doctors will only prescribe aspirin if homocysteine levels are elevated also, indicating potential clotting issues. This is something I plan to ask an RE if we decide to go there, but unfortunately, I just don't think there is consensus in the medical community. I switched my prenatal after my first loss to one with L-methyl folate, but I'm currently going through a second a loss, so who knows? Switching PNVs was easy enough though - I even found a gummy vitamin with methyl folate.

    Im so sorry for your losses. I'm in the same boat - 2 losses in about 3 months. RPL sucks, especially when the losses come so close together. Hugs.
  • @RiverSong15Ugh, I'm so sorry you're going through this as well! Especially that you're experiencing your second loss. It totally sucks, but I hope the physical part of it is over quickly for you!

    When I mentioned the possible MTHFR gene mutation to my OB yesterday at my follow up appointment, he pretty much brushed it off and said MTHFR doesn't cause pregnancy losses and the only issue is that I wouldn't be able to take prenatals with folic acid. The nutritionist already put me on a different prenatal, one with L-methyl folate. I've done some (a lot of) online searching, and have just recently come across the divide in how/if MTHFR really affects pregnant women and possible treatment plans. This is all just so much to take in, especially since it seems like the answers are inconclusive. I know it hasn't been confirmed for me, but I sometimes feel like this road is never going to get easier. Hugs to you as well! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond!
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  • Firstly, I'm so sorry for your losses. I know exactly what you're going through & how frustrating it is.
    I only just found out on Friday from my OB that I have MTHFR but I'm "Homozygous" which from what I can understand so far is that both of my parents have "Heterozygous" which apparently is really rare.
    I've had 3 misscarriages & currently am expected to have my 4th any day now as my doctor rang me this morning with my HCG results saying they had dropped. :(
    I've read the same as you, I'm going to see if my OB can direct me to a supplement with L-Methyl Folate in it when I see her next week.
    Your OB sounds like he doesn't really know what he's talking about, my OB told me MTHFR definitely does cause misscarriages. It has a lot to do with our blood & causes clotting which results in the baby not getting enough blood supply etc. There is a lot more to it but I'm still researching about it. If I were you I would bring it up again with your OB & tell him you just want to do a blood test to test for MTHFR so that you can get it off your mind, he should be willing to try anything for you (I know my OB is).
    When I found out I had MTHFR I was 5 weeks pregnant & she put me on "Claxane" injections (blood thinner) once a day, Aspirin once a day & Progesterone suppositories twice a day.
    I think the reason I'm currently having a misscarriage is because I started the medications after I fell pregnant whereas I've read that you're supposed to have started when you're TTC.
    I'm really hoping that when I see my OB next week that she can help me really prepare my body this time before we TTC again. Hoping that will make all the difference .. Well that's all we can really do at this stage is hope.
    It's no fun not knowing what is going on in our bodies.  :s
    *Hugs* to you, I hope you will get some answers soon.  :)
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  • @megsyyxI'm so sorry for your losses as well. I'm honestly not planning on using my ob anymore and am on the search for another one. He really didn't address our concerns with this second pregnancy and made it like everything was fine. It's nice that he was so positive, but that's not what I need needed or wanted. I need someone who is going to be honest with me. Positivity is great, too, but honesty is more important to me. I'm hoping my cycle will return soon so I can start blood work and testing with the specialist to confirm the MTHFR or something else that may be going on. Your ob sounds great, and I'm sure she will be able to help you with future pregnancies! I'm so sorry again for your losses, and that you have to go through another one. Big hugs!
  • I know exactly what you mean, you just need answers hey .. We already have family & friends in our lives that help us stay positive but when it comes to professional help we just need them to tell us what to do. I hope either your OB starts actually helping you or you find someone even better, so frustrating not getting help. From my experience, no one took me seriously until I had my 3rd misscarriage. I know that's terrible but they just kept saying oh don't worry you were probably just unlucky keep trying, then I had my 3rd & was finally referred to a Specialist which I'm so thankful for as I'm finally getting answers! Make sure you don't end up like me & make them listen to you, doctors can be so rude sometimes. Good luck with everything! :smiley:
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