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Bassinet vs rock n play sleeper

I'm debating on whether or not to get the rock n play sleeper for baby to sleep in when he rooms with us or a bassinet. I'm leaning toward the rock n play because it's smaller and I could more easily move it around the house for during the day. What's your experience?

Re: Bassinet vs rock n play sleeper

  • We had a bassinet and DS wouldn't sleep for more than 45m at a time in it. I think it was the flat surface. We got the rock n play when he was about a week old and it changed our lives! DS would sleep for multiple hour stretches in it. We only kept him in it for the first 6 weeks or so, but it was totally worth it. I'm sure each baby is different, but I've heard many success stories with the rock n play. 

  • I also read that newborns do not like to be flat on their backs. We got the RnP and DS slept wonderfully. Also the recline would help with reflux. 

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  • Thanks! I was doing some research on it and went ahead and registered for a rock n play. We had a bassinet with DD and she wouldn't sleep in it very well but I never considered another option. 
  • RNP are awesome but transitioning to the crib can be a bitch. Just saying. 
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  • I used a bassinet for my son, and was leaning toward getting a rock n play this pregnancy but I've heard a lot of things about use and correlation to torticolis and other muscle issues and I'm leaning against it. I know some people whose babies are totally fine but I also know others who had these issues, so I'll just say like anything do your research first! I'm leaning toward the graco version which allows you to adjust the incline and that apparently helps the babies muscles properly develop.
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  • Love the RNS!
  • Highly recommend the Graco version - I think it's called the Little Lounger - since it can recline almost flat and is thus an easier transition to the crib.

  • DS had absolutely no issue transitioning to the crib from the Rock n Play. Again, we only had him in it for 6 weeks or so, so maybe if it was longer it would have been a bigger issue, but for us it was no problem at all. 

  • We had a RNP for DD but this time we're getting a bassinet.  The RNP put her at such an angle that she would make weird noises and sometimes snore....babies aren't supposed to do that.  Sleep noises are normal, these were breathing noises.  Once we started laying her flat it stopped.  It was good once she wad a little older of she had a child to prop her up, but it's technically not safe for regular sleep.
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  • Loved our rock n play... we transitioned at 7 mos with no issues. My son had major reflux so it was huge piece of mind sleeping at an angle. 
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