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Husband and I thinking of moving to SA

Our baby boy was born this past January and we're thinking of moving. San Antonio is a place we're considering- could any of you ladies give any feedback on what it's like? We currently live in Southern California

Re: Husband and I thinking of moving to SA

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    @SnraRuiz I love it here. It's a big town with a small town feel. As with all major towns, there's pros and cons and "nice" areas and not so nice areas.
    Diverse population 
    Family friendly activities/museums
    Always something to do on the weekends
    Good buyers real estate market (at least compared to California!)
    Depending on where you live/work, traffic can be horrible from 630-9am and 330-630 (but, compared to California it might be better!)

    I'd recommend researching the areas you're interested in and look at the crime stats and school districts to get a better idea of where suits your family's wants and needs best. Good luck!

  • I love it here it's amazing lots to do here ull never be bored
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  • I was born in San Antonio and lived here most of my life. I moved away for college but ended up coming back. There is no place like it, I love it! As the others were saying it is a big city with a small town feel, it is just one big community. 

    The thing I love about San Antonio is that it is a very diverse community with a lot of different "pockets". There are alot of different vibes in San Antonio so I am sure you will find something that you love. The are also a lot of free family events. The Parks and Rec department does a great job putting on events all around the city.
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