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Age spanning gift ideas!?

Looking for some help figuring out a group gift for a 1,3, and 6 year old. They all share close birthdays, have most small gifts (books, toys,etc). Any suggestions?

Re: Age spanning gift ideas!?

  • I have a 5 year old and a 1 year old. They both love playing with Legos (the larger ones so the baby doesn't eat them) and they also both love riding in our 2 seater power wheels when the weather is nice. I hope that helps!
  • Is there a children's museum or zoo around them?  Depending on how much you're thinking about spending you could do day passes or season/family passes.
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  • My 7 year old just got rid of his play kitchen that he's enjoyed since he was a toddler. My first thought was something experiential like tickets for the zoo, pool, a train ride, museum, etc. Something sensory will probably be fun for all- water table, edible fingerpaint, trampoline, swings, etc.
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