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Nesting Bug!

Has anyone else gotten bitten HARD by the nesting bug yet?  I've felt so lazy and unmotivated my whole pregnancy and finally this past weekend got a big burst of energy and desire to start prepping the house for baby!  We have a 3 bedroom house and are literally converting each bedroom into something different (our bedroom is becoming baby's, guest room is becoming ours, and closet/office space is becoming guest room) so there's a lot of furniture to move around.  DH and I spent all weekend cleaning, starting to move furniture (with help from friends), and ordering baby girl's crib, dresser and glider!   My shower is early at 27-ish weeks, which is May 7th, so I want to make sure the nursery is empty by then so that we can put all the stuff in there.  

Anyone else do or plan to do any fun nesting?

P.S. - DH HATES the word "nesting"... says it creeps him out... which obviously makes it more fun to say ;)o:)  
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Re: Nesting Bug!

  • I'm not sure if what I'm going through is exactly "nesting" or more so sick of the junk and mess in our home. Our house is 4 large bedrooms and we are doing the same kind of thing as you. DD's room will be the nursery. DD is getting moved into my husband's office/guest bedroom because it has a bigger closet. I figure in her older years she will want the bigger closet. And husband is moving his office from one guest bedroom to the other guest bedroom on the other side of the house.

    We are currently redoing our master bath and our home is in shambles. Stuff is everywhere, dirt everywhere. I am barely able to stand it and am about to go crazy cleaning, organizing and throwing junk away. 
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  • We are moving cities in June however we still haven't found a place yet and it's driving me crazy! DH doesn't understand why I'm so concerned but I really just want to know where we are going to be so I can plan. 
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  • I would love to be nesting in our new house, but we don't make the move til mid-May. We're renovating it--which is difficult to manage from 3 hours away. Just found out that the new A/C system we're installing (didn't find out the old one was broken until after we closed--it was too cold to test it) is going to cost $2700 more than they quoted us. So, hope we get the essentials from our shower, because baby is getting nothing expensive from us. Luckily, my in-laws are buying the crib, so that helps. In the meantime, I'm trying to clear out clutter so we don't move junk we don't need.

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  • Ummmmm yeah, I had the nesting bug so bad that we gutted and renovated our main bathroom and created a whole new bedroom for DD to move into LOL.  We finally just had all the rooms painted while we were on vacation, but now there's lots of furniture moving and organization that needs to happen.  DD's room needs big girl furniture and I'm going to have her new closet custom designed (such a princess!); the nursery needs to be converted back  - change toddler bed back to crib, add some boy decor, etc.; the old nothing room is now the guest room; and the old guest room, which is downstairs is being turned into the office/playroom for overflow toys.  I also have a bunch of hand-me-down boy clothes that I need to go through from my SIL to see what we have and what we'll still need based on the time of year - my nephew was born in March, so the seasons of her stuff might not match up.
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  • @cait5413 Good luck with the clutter clearing. So nice to have things you don't need anymore gone!

    My husband is a clutter bug, and he was supposed to do that "before we moved" - He's still working on clearing it and we moved a year ago this month.

  • I've been bitten, big time! We've spent the last few weekends clearing, sorting, decluttering, Goodwill-dropping and shopping, and it's all I want to do! I really enjoy doing that kind of project, but sometimes it's daunting to get started, or I don't want to spend any money. The baby has given us the ultimate motivation to do a major cleaning and spruce things up. 
  • Yes, definitely! We've decided to stay in our current living situation for about 4-5 months after LO is born, so that means we will only have 2 bedrooms.  I've been spending an absurd amount of time rethinking our bedroom layout to accommodate the baby. It's not as satisfying as when I got to create DS's nursery but it's still all I can think about! 

  • I think I've been bitten, my intention was to clean all the excess stuff out of our room, so I can rearrange to accommodate the crib,  but instead, I wasted most of the day napping on the couch.  I did however get 2 loads of laundry done, so I call that a win!
  • Yes! My sister moved home from PA back in October and she moved in with me and DH until she could find a place of her own and save up. She's moving out this weekend and we are moving all the bedrooms around! We are moving our room into the front living room(we have an old house so all the rooms are closed off which is annoying but helpful at this point), moving the nursery into my sisters old room, the guest room into our old room. DD is staying in her room only because her room is pink and I'm not repainting it for a boy. I'm so ready to get my house in order after my sister moves!
  • Definitely! We live in a 2 bedroom townhome so we're having to share the guest room with the nursery. DH used to use the guest closet while I got the whole master closet to myself. But we recently went through our clothes and donated a lot to goodwill and combined closets. Next we're working on clearing out this huge closet under the stairs to make way for shelving to be installed. My parents are coming in a couple weeks and my dad is helping DH put shelving in the baby's closet and the downstairs storage closet. After that we'll have room to set up the crib and glider in our guest room after a bit of rearranging (room on the small side). I'm so excited that we're finally making some progress! I really can't wait until after our showers when I can start stocking the room with baby's stuff.
  • Oh yeah, as soon as I started feeling better after the first trimester I have been on a mission. I steam cleaner all the bedrooms and our office is now going to be the nursery. We just found out yesterday that baby is a girl so of course I had to go shopping for clothes to hang in her closet! 
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  • Definitely, we moved in to our house last August and we have a list of items to complete before this baby arrives!  Some are easy and some involve some help from my dad (putting in a fence on one side of our yard and completing fencing around a type of pit where our A/C unit is in the backyard) since I'm not much help being pregnant and having a 2 yr old to chase around!  I've also started a list of freezer meals to make and need to think about getting out the newborn clothes and moving DS to his big boy room!
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  • I've been itching to get going for months already! But we have been having work done on our house to make our 3 bedroom house 5 instead. The formal dining room is now the nursery, just waiting for the last of the sanding to be done so I can finish painting and put the nursery furniture together that has been sitting in boxes for two weeks now.
    Our bedroom is almost done too, it was a bonus room in the basement, but is now a legal bedroom with the door, wall, closet and window we added. We were finally able to put our clothes in our room instead of the basement living area closet. that closet now contains very organized tiny toys I took out of my son's room. I plan to make the main level baby proof, and the basement be where the big kids can play with big kid toys. 
    And of course there's deep cleaning every room in the house. But waiting for the mess to be gone and to have our vents cleaned out first. I'm just getting antsy since time is flying already and I want to be done with the house by June 1!
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