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Expecting twins with a 2 and 4yr old at home

I'm 18 weeks pregnant with fraternal boy/girl twins. I have a 2yr old son and 4yr old daughter at home. The twin pregnancy was very unexpected, since there isn't any history of multiples in our family. I'm worried about how I'm going to do it all. Any advice from twin mom's with older kids would be appreciated.

Re: Expecting twins with a 2 and 4yr old at home

  • Is it going to be hard @ first?- Yes.
    Will you fogure it out? -of course!

    I have a 5 yr old & identical 7 month old twin boys & the first few months were hard to adjust. I think just getting everyone on the same routine is going to be a big adjustment. My daughter wanted my attention when the boys were being fed or crying. & when they were sleeping she wouldnt seek my attention. Its just getting used to having the twins.

    Its like when you first had your son & you had to adjust your daughter & self to a new baby in the house. Now you have to add 2 more. Give everything its time,everything will fall into place(even when it doesnt seem like it).

     What has helped me is having the boys on a feeding schedule & nap& bedtime schedule. I have their bedtime the same time as my daughter, well she goes to bed 10 minutes before them but their schedules are never too far off.

    A first giving each individual attention is going to be so hard especially your son & daughter. But like i said eveerything will into place slowly but surely!

    Keep your head up & good luck! & know you can do it.
  • Thanks. That's my biggest concern is being able to give the 2 older children the attention they need.
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  • Yes! That was mine too & believe me it took me about 4 months to figure it out.

     I divided my week days & hours. Weekends are strictly family time. I dont bother getting into cleaning on the weekend & we go out with the kids. Wednesdays while DD is @ school i do laundry, wash the bathrooms, mop, &vaccuum all heavy cleaning. The rest of the week i cook dinner around 2-3 while the boys are napping. That way when DD gets home i serve her dinner help her with her homework & her shower. Then we have time to play(3.5 hours). & when she really wants alone time with me we either do it after playing with the boys or when they are taking a nap...

    But @ first im not going to lie, my husband had to help me A LOT to give DD attention.
  • Thanks for your advice. I'm sure it will all come together eventually

  • Yes it will it just takes time. :smile: 
  • I could have written this.  I'm 10 weeks along with twins, I have a four year old and a crazy almost two year old.  There are some days now I feel like I'm barely keeping my head above water.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with two newborns!
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  • I totally get that. I'll let you know how it works out when they arrive in August lol

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